What is your body type: Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph?

The question of What is my body type: Ecotmorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph? Well speaking in generalities, you fall into 1 of the 3 different types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph, for now don’t worry what they are just know that there are 3 different types.

Secondly, you should know that I just lied to you. . . Well not really, there are 3 different body types, and they are Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. This was categorized in the 1940’s by psychologist Dr. William Herbert Sheldon into what are called somatotypes, or a set of 3 different “morphic’s” and their associated psychological and physiological traits. For this short study, however, we will only concentrate on the physiological:

What is my body type: Ecotmorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph?

The types: Ecto, Meso & Endo

  • Ectomorphic: Basically the skinny person (the “skinny bitch”) you secretly envy. Eats chocolate chip cookies all day and loses 3lbs – they usually have long thin bones and muscles, very little fat storage.
  • Mesomorphic: Basically the athletic person. Works out once a week and stays strong – they usually have an athletic build, large bones, low fat levels, narrow waist. (This would be my business partner Julie, but she ain’t important so. . .yeah, we won’t worry about her right now.)
  • Endomorphic: Basically the fat (Yes, fat! This is not a P.C. website, and being fat is not a negative) person. Eats the daily recommended 2500 calories and gains 10lbs anyway – they usually have very large bones, high levels of fat storage, and a wide waist.

But that’s not the whole story, this is only half of the story – 90% of people living don’t fit into one category, they are actually a combination of two – I will use myself as an example:

What is my body type: Ecotmorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph?

I am Ecto/Mesomorph

My upper body is a classic Ectomorph. Everything is lean, I have sweat blood for every ounce of muscle I put on my upper body; consequently, my body fat is relatively low at 9.6%. And since men store most of their fat in their upper body, mostly around their waist, (Women on the other hand usually store excess fat around their hips and thighs) it’s an even greater feat.

My lower body is a classic Mesomorph. My lower body is disproportionately much stronger than my upper body. My legs gain muscle very easily; I can see substantial gains in my strength in short amounts of time.

So how does that play out in the real world?

Well I am glad you asked. When I say disproportionaly stronger, here are my weird figures: Put it this way I don’t have the strength to bench press 200 lbs (which pretty much makes me a tool, my 5 year old daughter can bench more than me!) on the flip side, I can leg press over 850 lbs.

“First of all you suck, secondly I don’t care what you can do Charles, what does this do for me”?

Again, speaking in generalities, usually women strive for the ectomorph look and men strive for the mesomorph look.

In actuality it usually plays out like this:

A naturally skinny person (ectomorph) can achieve an athletic look but won’t become a sumo wrestler.

A naturally athletic person (mesomorph) can become a sumo wrestler but won’t become a skinny person.

A natural sumo wrestler (endomorph) can achieve an athletic look but won’t become a skinny person.

Up above I said a “Naturally skinny person can achieve an athletic look but won’t become a sumo wrestler” – I know this first hand because 2 summers ago, I actually tried to get as big as I possibly could. I got up to 198lbs and then got no further – I hit a wall. No amount of food I could eat (and not be sick) would make me any bigger because it went against what my body naturally wanted to do.

Determine what body type you have and plan your diet accordingly. Knowing your body type is essential to understanding how your body metabolizes food and how much muscle you need or don’t need to achieve your goals.

Your specific body type determines how your body handles food; which is a reason why most of the fad diets today don’t work. Sure, there are a few people they may work for, but for the majority, they won’t.

“Well what about that Super Deluxe Pattaya Beach 2.0 Sunglasses Trim Ready Fit Diet I saw on TV?

To answer that, let me tell you a story. My business partner Julie let me borrow a book called the Five Love Languages, written by a guy named Gary Chapman (it’s a good book, you should read it), but for the sake of this story, let’s just say that there are 5 “Body Type” Love Languages and the 5 are as follows:

  • 1. Person 1 needs a punch in the mouth to feel love – Well call him/her “Punch”
  • 2. Person 2 needs a punch in the nose feel love – Well call him/her “Nose”
  • 3. Person 3 needs a bag potato chips to feel love – Well call him/her “Fat Ass”
  • 4. Person 4 needs tons of sex to feel love – Well call him/her “Nympho”
  • 5. Person 5 needs tons of attention to feel love – Well call him/her “Bitch”

So Punch, (that) Fat ass, Nympho, Bitch (in the) and Nose are sitting down watching TV and a commercial comes on and says: “Feeling the need for love”, “Try Silaic” “It’s a revolutionary supplement that will help your spouse and/or significant other give you all the love you need.”

What the makers of Silaic don’t tell you is their researchers used 10 different control subjects who have a love language just like Fat Ass and Bitch or some combination thereof. So their formula is optimized to make someone go to the grocery store and buy lots of potato chips and hand out lots of attention. *See where this is going? I’ll finish the story for pure entertainment value*

So Punch thinks “Wow, sweet, my wife will punch me in the mouth finally, this is going to be great, I am there.”

Nose thinks “Wow, sweet, my wife will punch me in the nose finally, this is going to be great, I am there.”

Fat Ass thinks “Wow, sweet, my boyfriend is going to bring me 62 metric tons of potato chips, this is going to be great, I am there.”

Nympho thinks “Wow, sweet, my gay lover is going to make love to me all night long, this is going to be great, I am there.”

Bitch thinks “Wow, sweet, my lesbian lover is going to shower me with attention, this is going to be great, I am there.”

So a few weeks later, everybody gets their bottle of Silaic and they all try it. Guess what happens? Yep, you guessed it, everybody came home with 17 bags of potato chip and showers their partners with attention.

So who wins in this situation? You guessed it – Nympho and Bitch. All the rest are mad and claim that their product dosen’t or just give up on love.

This is a gross oversimplification of how diets work, but true nonetheless. It is impossible to create a diet that works for all of mankind, because there are so many variables (more specifically – body types).

There are plenty of other things that go with these body types, such as fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers, but for today – just understand what body type you have. This is the first step on the road to a new you!!

So now you can answer the question of  What is my body type: Ecotmorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph?

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