Andre Girley Bench Presses 225lbs X 46
Andre Girley Bench Presses 225lbs X 46

This is the story of my infamous YouTube video of Enjoy my video of Andre Girley Bench Presses 225lbs X 46. My cousin  Andre, (my family calls him Dre for short) and I shot these videos back in 2007, The story behind this is: I was watching Pro Bowl Weekend back in 2007 when Larry Allen a San Francisco 49er at the time bench pressed 225 Lbs 40 times, and I was telling Andre that I had seen this. So the conversation goes like this:

Andre Girley Bench Presses 225lbs X 46

Me: Man I seen Larry Allen bench 225lbs 40 times over Pro Bowl Weekend, did you see it?
Dre: Naw, but I can do that (he said it as-a-matter-of-a-factly).
Me: Man hell naw, you can’t do that!
Dre: Yes I can (again as so-a-matter-of-factly).
Me: No you can’t.
Dre: Yes, I can
Me: I’m waving the BS flag, there ain’t no way you can do that!
Dre: Yes, I can no problem
Me: Ok, prove it, let go to the gym right now and do it. If you can do it Ill put it on YouTube.
Dre: Alright, Let’s go.

Andre Girley Bench Presses 225lbs X 46

This is why Andre is in street clothes, this is an actual bet we made. This is also my first YouTube video, so what you’re seeing is actually about 30 mins after we made the bet, there was no pre-planning in this video, and we did everything off the cuff.

This is our #1 video on YouTube with over 160,000 views! We had over 900 comments with love and hate, I cut the comments because we got tired of answering the same questions over and over again.

For the record Andre is not on steroids, Deca or anything else, he is just a naturally strong guy.


Enjoy my video of Andre Girley Bench Presses 225lbs X 46.

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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    • Al Cotton

      OMG, This has got to be one of the most motivational videos……..WOW.
      Hey been reading your info so far,
      Very motivational and positive….

    • Charles Lloyd

      Thanks Al.

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