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Clean your colon
Clean your colon

For the past 11 years I have been a fairly avid cyclist. Here in Sacramento we have the world famous “American River Bike Trail.” I would call it less of a trail and more of a cyclist super orgasmic 32 mile highway. Sure, there have been sightings of mountain lions, muggings and an occasional water buffalo stampede, but that are small technicalities, kind of like complaining that Penelope Cruz is only 5’5 AND loves to walk around the house butt naked. . . I’m sure you will get over it . . . eventually. But this is not about Penelope, this is about how to Clean your colon.

One thing I noticed on these is that my back would hurt after about 30 to 45 minutes. I always thought I may need to get my bike fitted again or that maybe I lost some of my RoF (Range of Flexibility). It would go to the point where I would have to stretch out my back mid-ride to alleviate some pain.

Eventually I went to a chiropractor to find out what the heck was wrong with me. I searched hi and low in the Sacramento area but I almost never will just try out a doctor just because they have a $10 off coupon that some kid put on my windshield at Home Depot (But that’s just me). Eventually I ended up finding a good chiropractor that my business partner Julie recommended (she had gone to him after she sustained severe whiplash in a softball game years earlier, yeah softball).

Clean your colon

The “Witch Doctor” experience

One of my best friends calls Chiropractors “witch doctors” for some absurd reason. He takes the more traditional “American” approach to health and medicine where as I have more of a hippy/flower child approach. I just don’t believe in pumping a bunch of lab chemicals into my body to “cure” ailments (I will write more on this later). Anyway, I show up to Dr. Thor (Seriously that is his name, and with a name like that how can he be wrong?) and I have an initial visit where I fill out all my paper work and insurance forms and the rest of that garbage, and walk up to the desk and notice a $39 coupon for an initial visit. The initial visit basically includes X-Rays an assessment and the 105 ways sales pitch about why I should be a patient at this particular chiropractor.

So I go through the full process and do the whole “Yes”, “No”, “Oh wow that’s interesting” so on and so forth, not really paying attention to what he was saying, just waiting for the real nitty gritty, How much is this going to cost me? I didn’t want to cut him off but I pretty much have already decided that I was to use him as long as they weren’t going to cut off my right testicle as a down payment. So we finally get through all that and I sign on the dotted line. I get the X-Rays and go do some electro-shock therapy.

A few days later, I show up again to get the results of my X-Rays, of course my back is pretty tweaked but I expected that, I have never really had any problems in the past with my health, just some back problems that seem to always hound people that are over 6â€TM1.

As I am looking at the X-Rays, I notice this huge black blob right around my mid-section, to myself im thinking there shouldn’t be any black sports on an X-ray something aint right. So I ask him.

Me: “What is all this black stuff, right here around my stomach?”
Dr.: “That is all the build up in your colon.”
Me: “What build up, I feel fine, and I’m the furthest thing from overweight possible.”
Dr: “Your weight has nothing to do with it, because of your body type; your body doesn’t have the capacity to deal with all the excess stuff that your digestive system can’t process, so basically it stores it in your colon. Being lean in this case is actually a hindrance. Bigger people have a better capacity to flush out their system, so if you let this stuff keep building up, this is how people get cancer. Years and years of heavy metal, environmental, and processed junk gets built up in your system, you may want to look into cleaning out your system.”
Me:. . .”ok” (Honestly what do you say to something like that). To say that this didn’t scare me would be an understatement. So immediately when I get home I hit the internet to search for validity (I’m a self admitted internet research junkie) of what this guy was telling me.

Eventually after days and days of searching on conflicting views, I decided that there was at least some validity to what he was saying, so the natural next step is how do I get rid of all this colon plaque? So again days and days of searching, there was a product that kept coming up, it was a product called “Colonix” by Dr. Natura (Dr. Natura I believe is the name of the company). On their website they try and have you order a 3 month supply, but, being the skeptic that I am, I end up buying a 1 month supply off EBay and I also got a product by Dr. Natura called “Toxinout” which is also a 1 month.

Toxinout is a heavy metal cleanse, when I was doing research on my colon, doing many types of cleanses also came up, heavy metal was one of them.

To tell you the truth, I’m not so sure about their Toxinout program. I mean, I’m sure it works, but there was not a noticeable difference that I could tell.

Now Colonix is a whole different story, in the box comes with instructions, a bottle of Colonix (A fiber supplement), Paranil (A Liver and Colon Purifying complex) and the YOU CAN T BE SERIOUS THIS IS AVAILABE WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION KleriTea (a herbal tea).

Clean your colon.

So on the first day I do the program starting in the morning, I take the Paranil as directed, so on and so forth. At night, right be for you go to sleep, you are supposed to take the Kleritea. Now in the instructions, it says that you steep the tea for about 2 minutes.

Now to me when I get a product that says you should steep tea for 2 minutes, they are obviously not talking to me; they are referring to John Q. Taxpayer. So when I see instruction that say “Steep Tea for 2 minutes”, to me this means “Steep Tea for 10 minutes”. (Mistake!) So I do drink it and go to bed. At around oh. . . 2 o’clock in the morning I wake up with the most excruciating stomach pain I may have ever felt (barring food poisoning), or the stomach flu. I stayed in the bathroom for about 20 minutes and thought my small intestines were going to come out my ass. So I go back to sleep after I’m “done” in the bathroom. At around 5 o’clock I wake up again with the most excruciating stomach I may have ever felt… again! So back I go to the bathroom this time my large intestine came out my ass.

Every night for probably the first 2 weeks this happens. If you’re a visual person, go to Dr. Natura website and click on their pictures. Even if you’re not, go to their website and check out their pictures, this is what exactly happened to me. At the time I was about 180 lbs and didn’t think I could lose any weight, but after a month of that program I dropped 5 lbs.

Julie’s Take on Colonix (She wrote this paragraph, I don’t know why she refers to herself in 3rd person, she is kinda weird. . . ok very weird)

So, I tell my business partner Julie about this. I thought I’d return the favor since she referred me to Thor in the first place. Well, Julie ordered the three month supply of both the Colonix and the Toxinout. She had different results. It took almost a month for the product to start working. But when it kicked in, it really worked. Now, Julie did need to steep the tea for 10 minutes, and she never felt any excruciating pain. Actually, she had to take extra Paranil at night to help with the gas issues. However, it really worked for her. She used to ALWAYS be bloated and have digestive issues. She is now regular and eats much better. She lost 10 lbs!! So, now you have two cases in which it worked.

Dr. Natura Colonix works; it does exactly what it says it will. As always, do your own due diligence and make your own judgment. So that is how you Clean your colon.

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

Self processed fitness missionary and author of most of the ridiculous fitness articles written on Charles Lloyd I am not really a writer, but a workout fiend who happens to have a blog. The single mission of this website is very simple: Get You In Shape. I have been blessed with the gift of good health and want to share it with you. Join Me.

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      Hey, Charles. This was was good, you should put a link to Dr. Natura’s website or do some affiliate marketing. Cheers, Roger

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      Roger, Somebody else told me the same thing, I would do it if I got paid off of advertising their stuff. Maybe Ill contact them and find out.

    • Colon Therapy

      The problem with that is that there’s always going to be people who disagree with it outright without giving it any real consideration.

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      Haha very good! Really enjoyed reading that!

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      Any1 tried this method yet?

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