Bench Press Workout Pyramiding Chest Video

Bench Press Workout Pyramiding Chest Video

Bench Press Workout Pyramiding Chest Video

So impressed with Andre’s 225 x 46reps video we decided to do a Bench Press Workout Pyramiding Chest Video,  I just had to know how in the heck he could lift so much weight without the size of somebody like Larry Allen. At the NFL Probowl I’m guessing Mr. Allen was north of 300lbs and did 225lbs X 40 reps. At the time we shot the first video Andre was 250lbs, outside of having the correct body type Andre uses a very well known technique called pyramiding.

Bench Press Workout Pyramiding Chest Video

This technique work by breaking down your muscle fibers the most effective way possible and by stimulating your Central Nervous System (CNS)(more on this later, right now were about to watch a video). What is happening is your first sets are your warm-up sessions to get the blood flowing and your core temperature up if your just starting out your workout session, also it build a base for your pyramid, just like the great Egyptian Pyramids. As the set continues you use more weight and less “bricks& (repetitions) as you continue you build up your weight and use less and less bricks. Finally at your last few bricks your doing as much weight and using as few bricks as possible.

This method has proven as one of the most effective way possible to build muscle (when I say build muscle your actually tearing down the muscle fibers so it can build up when you rest).

This is why Andre is in street clothes, this is an actual bet we made. This is also my first YouTube video, so what you’re seeing is actually about 30 mins after we made the bet, there was no pre-planning in this video, and we did everything off the cuff.

Bench Press Workout Pyramiding Chest Video

This is our 2nd video on YouTube with over 60,000 views!

For the record Andre is not on steroids, Deca or anything else, he is just a naturally strong guy.

Enjoy 🙂


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