Face Fitness How to Shave
Face Fitness How to Shave

Often I am asked, how do you keep such great skin, so I made this post Face Fitness How to Shave.

Face Fitness How to Shave

Some Random Person on the Street: My! My! How do you keep such radiant skin even in the harshest of weathers?


Charles Lloyd: Oh stop it! It’s really nothing, and I am totally unprepared to answer said question.cimg2551_wm1


Some Random Person on the Street: Now don’t be bashful! Do tell, how do you keep such baby smooth skin. Most people I know have Pseudofolliculitis Barbae and are unable to keep their skin as smooth as yours!


Charles Lloyd: Well follow me young grasshopper to my humble abode. I will teach thee, the ways of the ancient Monk Scribes of Great Shaving as foretold by my great great grandfather Jebadaiah Charles Lloyd. Who surprisingly and ironically is the same age and look and speaks exactly like me.


Face Fitness How to Shave

Tools needed:

  • Merker HD safety razor – I cannot stress enough the importance of this. Drop that multi-blade razor – you don’t need more than one blade. And, it’s killing your shave.cimg2550_wm
  • Feather Razor Blade – These are the best blades on earth – bar none. I have tried them all and the Japanese got this down to a science.
  • Badger Brush – Any decent one will do, I bought mine from Evelyn and Crabtree at the mall for $35. You can spend more…and I have but there is no reason to.
  • Shaving Cream – I use Truefitt & Hill – West Indian Limes (This stuff smells so good), or Nancy Boy out of San Francisco (if you’re a homophobe then skip but you will be missing out). Nancy Boy makes some of the best stuff available.
  • After Shave – Geo F. Trumper Coral or Limes Skin Food or Replenish by Nancy Boy out of San Francisco.


Written by Jebadaiah C. Lloyd

Now that you have all this stuff, it’s time to get busy. Here are pictures of all my stuff:


The Charles Lloyd Shave System

I developed this system for my great great grandson and is called: The Charles Lloyd Shave System. He has had all these products for more than a year, so in the end, it is way way, way more economical then just buying the $20+ pack of multi blade razors and that nasty punk ass city boy shave cream.cimg2549_wm


The Prep:


  1. I usually shave while in the shower, so while you are in the shower, breakout you’re Badger Brush and wet it.
  2. Shake out any excess water out of the brush – don’t go crazy, just shake it once to get any excess water from the tips of the brush so your shave cream will have something to stick to.
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  3. Here some people use a shave mug, but I tried and it’s lame and since this is my website I’m not going to do it…so there. Open up your shave cream and dip the brush in there, again don’t go crazy, just get the tips of the cimg2554_wmbrush loaded.


The Shave:


  1. Slap that stuff on yo face! Basically you are getting the lather on your beard to soften it up. So get it to lather up right on your face by stroking your face with the brush until it appears.
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  2. Start shaving, I cannot give you a specific technique, because everybody does it different, but remember this way of shaving is not like using your multi-blade razor. #1 Warning – You need very, very little pressure on the cimg2553_wmhandle of the safety razor to get a top-notch shave. #2 Warning – Let me say that one more time just in case you missed the first warning. You need very, very little pressure on the handle of the safety razor….Now here is the doozie: #3 Warning – THE FEATHER BLADES ARE SHARP….. # 4 Warning – Let me repeat this just in case you didn’t heed the first 3 warnings. # 5 Warning – THE FEATHER BLADES ARE SHARP. Do not underestimate these blades! But, if you’re like me, you will…and you will cut yourself.

Note: Shave with the grain, not against. Angle the blade approximately 30 ~ 40 degrees away from your face.


  1. After you get done cutting yourself, apply any of the kick-ass aftershaves I recommended.


The Dismount:


  1. Enjoy the best shave you have ever had – without the Pseudofolliculitis Barbae!cimg2552_wm

If your intested in buying one of these kits from me, I am headed to San Francisco soon and could pick up up some stuff. Let me know in the comments below or hit the contact me button above.

Now you know about Face Fitness How to Shave.

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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