10 Best Ways To Lose Fat
10 Best Ways To Lose Fat

In this post I am going to talk about the 10 Best Ways To Lose Fat.

10 Best Ways To Lose Fat

The first 5.

  1. Put on the Pressure – Grab one of your boys/girls to help you, when you are working out with someone or have to become accountable it puts the pressure on.
  2. Skip the Soda – Give that nasty crap up already! Seriously you’re wasting your time drinking stuff that tastes like battery acid. Here is an experiment, put it in your toilet and let it sit for a few hours, come back and thank me for how clean your toilet is.
  3. Quit frying food – If you’re going to cook something – either grill it, steam it, barbeque it or boil it. It not only tastes better, it’s also better for you.
  4. Drink loads of water – You should be consuming about a gallon per day. Get a water bottle and take it with you at all times.
  5. Acai, Atkins, TrimSpa and any other fad – Stop right now! They don’t work…any of them. Each diet tells you something different, if they actually worked there would only be 1 diet and there would be no reason to change it…for example look at the bicycle, the basic double triangle design has not changed in over 100 years….wanna know why? Because it works! What a novel concept. – Change your habits. . . Change your life!!

10 Best Ways To Lose Fat

The other 5!

  1. Plan your workouts – Like you write your grocery list (or you should). Write your workouts a week in advance. If you have a plan to workout then you’re more likely to follow it.
  2. Eat Breakfast – The reason why they call it breakfast is because you’re doing just that, breaking your fast from the night….eating quality food helps you burn fat. Need a power breakfast? Check out my Charles’ Natural Grains.
  3. Plan your meals – Plan your meals in advance just like your workouts in #6, if you know your going to eat before hand you eat it and when your going to eat, the better your results….if somebody else can dictate when you will be at work in the morning, you can at least dictate when you will eat.
  4. Workout – ummmm hellooooo!!!
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This post has been about the 10 Best Ways To Lose Fat.

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