What is pH Balance
What is pH Balance

Often when I am training and asked about nutrition I am often asked What is pH Balance?Years ago before I knew what pH Balance was, I just thought it was some crap that shampoo makers made up when they were showing some chick throw her hair around on TV. When I started to really get into health back when I was damn near homeless living in Japan, I started to study what pH, or potential of Hydrogen, was and how it is used to prevent disease, obesity and health problems.

What is pH Balance

Charles Lloyd is made up of about 70% water. The remaining 30% of Charles Lloyd is made of pure awesome and epic-ness.

Potential of hydrogen (pH) measures the amount of acidity or alkalinity of Charles Lloyd or the hydrogen-ion of Charles Lloyd.

The more alkaline the body is the higher the pH. The lower the pH the more acidic the body is. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. For the math majors out there, 7.0 is the middle (median) or what is called neutral. Above 7.0 is alkaline, below 7.0 is acidic. We strive and have a healthy body at slightly alkaline or close to 7.4. If the pH changes to over 7.8 (static) or less than 6.8(static) you die, end of story do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Diets that are high in acidic foods like Beef, Pork, Veal, Shellfish, canned tuna, sardines, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, coffee, black tea all lead to an acidic body.

What is pH Balance

An acidic body is susceptible to disease and health problems. Check out this chart for a visual of what i’m talking about.


A body that is optimal at 7.4 and in good health, free of disease, and is able to exercise, fight disease and read www.charleslloydfitness.com on a regular basis.

Testing your pH is simple and will alert you of any problems you may have that you don’t know about. You can get pH test strips from any pharmacy and do a urine test or saliva/spit test. I know a couple of you women are used to peeing on paper.

If you do a urine sample it should be between 6.0 and 6.5 in the morning and between 6.5 and 7.0 at night – this is normal. If you do a saliva test, then you should be between 6.5 and 7.5.  The best time to do this test is 1 hour before you eat. Thanks for looking at What is pH Balance.

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

Self processed fitness missionary and author of most of the ridiculous fitness articles written on Charles Lloyd Fitness.com. I am not really a writer, but a workout fiend who happens to have a blog. The single mission of this website is very simple: Get You In Shape. I have been blessed with the gift of good health and want to share it with you. Join Me.

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    • jason

      please expound upon why such a difference from the ‘norm’ due to testing with urine and spit. If its supposed to be 7.4 and someone reads 6 after you say they will DIE. You need a bit of clarification, please

    • Charles Lloyd

      If I understand you question correctly, your asking why spit is less acidic than urine? Urine is more acidic than urine due of the secretions of stomach acid (a form of hydrochloric acid) in(from) your stomach, some of that acid gets into your bladder when you urinate therefore it will be more acidic.

    • healthygirl

      ..but does a neutral Ph shampoo or anything with a specific Ph actually makes a difference to the Ph inside our body ? I doubt it !
      .-= healthygirl´s last blog ..Poor posture effects and practical tips =-.

    • Charles Lloyd

      No it does not…thanks for pointing that out healthygirl!

    • Cameron

      Cant wait to try it out, wish me luck.

    • Poppy

      The most convinient way to detox yourself is by drining alot of lemon juice, any1 tryed it?

    • Selena Days

      Hi, I just stumbled upon your website browsing on online as I am researching some information on yeast infections. Appears like a good blog so I bookmarked your site and intend to revisit tomorrow to enjoy a proper read when i have more time. Great site!.

    • Alice

      Hi … I stumbled on your site by mistake. I was searching in Yahoo for Antivirus software that I had already bought when I came upon your site, I have to say your page is really cool I just love the theme, its amazing!. I don’t have the time today to totally read your site but I have bookmarked it and also will sign up for your RSS feed. I will be back in a day or two. thanks for a great site.

    • Niki Fu

      Nice post, I bookmarked for future read. Thanks

    • ReagonC

      It’s been ten months without a yeast infection. More than that, for the past couple of months I only had one migraine attack, comparing to six a week as I used to. I also very often suffered from runny nose and acne on my forehead. Since I started this program, it’s been like a miracle. My acne disappeared in less than 2 weeks, I lost 10 pounds, and the flu like symptoms I often use to suffer from are also a thing of the past. I feel so young and empowered and I would have never believed there was a natural solution for my problems, if I was told a year ago.

    • Cale

      The chart you have used needs to be cited. Notice this website:

      Your chart, and the chart in the previous link is misleading. For instance, the pH of milk (6.3 – 8.5 ) and the pH of Buttermilk (4.5) as described in the following link:

      Also, your urine is MOST ACIDIC midway through your sleep cycle and will then be the most acidic upon your first urination after waking. It’s best to check the second urination of the day.

      There are other statements concerning the pH of the body that could be expanded upon. The previous link is more detailed and is very helpful. I would suggest checking it out.
      Other than that I agree with what is being attempted with this website. The word needs to be spread. People need to educate themselves about the internal chemistry of their body. I am graduating in December with a B.S. in Chemistry and pursuing a Ph.D, possibly in Medicinal Chemistry (not so sure yet), so I am sorry if I have gotten to technical.
      Best Regards.

    • Energy Within Us

      Thank you, Charles!

      You are one of FEW fitness specialists who pay attention of the importance of pH!!

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