10 Mental Fitness Techniques to keep you sharp
10 Mental Fitness Techniques to keep you sharp

This post is about 10 Mental Fitness Techniques to keep you sharp.

10 Mental Fitness Techniques to keep you sharp

We are in the middle of March, so you know what that means right? Well, outside of getting your pets spayed or neutered. It’s the week of LISTS: All week I will be bringing you the best and worse of LISTS. Today it’s the Top 10 Mental Fitness Techniques to keep you sharp

10 Mental Fitness Techniques to keep you sharp

  1. Learn a new word everyday – I use Dictionary.com Word of the Day, you can even put it on your iGoogle.
  2. Exercise – A strong body will also keep your mind fit. Get out there and handle your business.
  3. Become ambidextrous – I don’t mean become bi-sexual either or cheat on your right hand. If you’re right-handed use your left hand, if your left-handed use your right. If you already are ambidextrous use your feet.
  4. Pay very close attention to the language – If you watch TV, close your eyes and pay attention only to the language. If you’re watching with someone tell them to plug their ears and compare notes.
  5. Enroll in a Thai food cooking class – When your done, make me dinner.
  6. Take a different route home – Most people do the exact same thing everyday, take a new route home (avoid freeways, drive through residential neighborhoods, etc).
  7. Observe objects – then guesstimate their weight. Then look it up on an alternate web browser. Most of the world uses Google, use www.altavista.com
  8. Read upside down – Turn the newspaper or your magazine upside down then read it, you will read it slower and absorb more of the information.
  9. Argue for something you are against- If you for abortion write a paper against abortion and all its benefits, if your anti-abortion write a paper for abortion and all the benefits. Shoot for at least 1000 words.
  10. Keep a pen and paper next to your bed or where you sleep, set your alarm to wake yourself up in 4 hours then write down what you dreamed about. This is your subconscious talking to you.

This concludes my post on 10 Mental Fitness Techniques to keep you sharp.

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