P90X Plyometrics
P90X Plyometrics

This post is my review on P90X Plyometrics.

P90X Plyometrics

This is probably one of my favorite disks of the P90X series, mainly because it’s about 90% lower body exercises. That said, don’t let me fool you – most people that have done this disk hate plyometrics (aka: jump training) because its 90% lower body exercises.

Plyometrics, or Jump Training, is a very high intensity, high focused way of training. If you have never done it before; I am advising caution – take it easy the first time you do this disk. This is a great way to burn fat and to get your endurance up, but it’s also a good way to get hurt if you don’t focus and do the exercises properly.

In this disk, Tony introduces the 3 people who will be working out with him. This is standard procedure; however, one of the guys he introduces has a prosthetic leg…yes a prosthetic leg. So you really don’t have an excuse not to get out there and handle your business.

The way this disk is set up is you do 3 or 4 exercises for 2 rounds then you take a water break. Below I am just going to describe the exercise and my thoughts on them, not where the water breaks are.

The Exercises

Jump Squats

Jump Squats are performed exactly how you think they would be; you lower yourself into a squat position then jump upwards getting your feet barely off the ground. The key here is to land softly. Easy peasy – no troubles here – we’re just getting started.

Run-stance Squats

The Run-stance squats are similar to the Jump Squats you just did, but here, instead of just getting into a squat position, you get into a runners pose – sort of like you’re getting ready to run a marathon. The difference here is that instead of just jumping, you do 4 squats, then on the 4th squat, you jump so that the opposite leg is leading the runners pose. This move will give your quads some serious muscle and explosive power. Pretty cool exercise.

Airborne Heisman **

The Airborne Heisman is probably my favorite pose in this workout. If you don’t know what the Heisman is, here is a picture (pic). This is a very prestigious college football award; it damn near guarantees you a spot in the NFL. It’s also sort of a curse because most Heisman trophy winners usually never make it big in the NFL. Here, you hold that pose, but instead of both legs on the ground, you have only 1 leg on the ground with your arm out while you’re holding the “football,” then you just jump side to side while alternating feet. The further you can go out the better. Awesome move, probably my favorite behind the Double Airborne Heisman I speak about below.

Swing Kick

Here, all you do is take out a chair or a stool or some stationary object and kick both legs over it. In the video, Tony pulls out a stool and kicks over it. This is done by kicking the right leg over the object going to the right then the left leg also going to the right then back and forth. Use an object has high as you safely can go; trying to be a hero and looking like Sharon Stone won’t do you any good.

I suspect this is sort of a cool down move from doing the Airborne Heisman.

Squat Reach Jump

This is pretty much the same as doing the Jump Squat, but instead of just barely getting off your toes, you seriously have to jump up. Again, always try and land softly on your toes and make sure you go back into your squat position. This is a very high impact and explosive move; if done correctly, this will greatly improve your jumping ability and explosive power. I couldn’t get up as high because of my small living room where I am doing the exercises.

Run-stance Squat Switch Pick-up

This is pretty much the same as the Run-stance Squat. The only real difference is instead of switching legs every 4th squat, you switch legs on every squat and try and touch the ground. This is where I start to feel the burn and I’m sweating pretty good now. It is also where I’m telling myself “This is where the magic starts to happen.”

Double Airborne Heisman ***

Now this is my favorite move (you can tell by the three stars). It’s exactly like the Airborne Heisman but instead of just jumping from side to side, you do a double high knee then switch to the opposite side. So the sequence is Heisman pose, high knee, high knee, Heisman pose. My favorite part of this move is looking like a clown in my own living room and sweating like a $2 whore on nickel night.

Circle Run

The Circle Run is done by placing a towel or t-shirt on the floor and running around it. The idea here is to keep your shoulders stationary as possible and keep your eyes focused on one object.

This was a pretty easy move. I also suspect that this is sort of a cool down move from doing the Double Airborne Heisman which is very taxing.

Jump Knee Tucks

Just as the title indicates, this exercise is done by jumping up in the air and touching your knees with your hands. So the sequence is just start off in a standing position then jump up and touch your knees with your hands then come back down (like you had a choice!). The kicker is not to squat when you jump again, you don’t want to use that squatting strength to do the exercise. This requires some explosive power and is not for the faint at heart.

Mary Katherine Lunges

The Mary Katherine Lunges are basically a deep exaggerated runner’s lunge. I didn’t see anything ground breaking about this, but if you have never done plyometrics or high intensity circuit training, it’s sort of a cool down from the Jump Knee Tucks. All you do here is go from a deep runners lunge to another deep runners lunge while switching feet. Basic but effective.

Leapfrog Squats

These were pretty cool and really work your legs. First you start off with a very wide stance squat with your feet pointing outwards (also known as the plié) or whatever is comfortable, then you just do 2 leapfrogs forward and 2 leapfrogs back. While this sounds easy it’s not, especially while you are staying in a deep squat. I think putting this behind the Mary Katherine Lunges is a good idea, especially for the newbie’s.

Twist Combo

This is actually a fun exercise. All you do is put your hands out in front of you like you’re holding ski poles, then with both feet together, you jump so that your feet are going in 3 very different directions. So a sequence would be middle, left, middle, right, middle…This is probably one of the more “funner” exercises of the plyometrics disk. I will probably incorporate it into my own workout after I’m done with the P90X program.

Rock Star Hop

The Rock Star Hop reminds me of emulating a mid-1980’s rock band when the rocker would jump around on stage and play his guitar and a bunch of people would go wild. Remember that song called “Jump” by that one band….hold on let me Google it…Van Halen. If you remember this song or have seen the video, that is what this exercise reminds me of. It’s like the Jump Knee Tuck in a way, except you just tuck your knees under your butt instead of in front of you. It’s a pretty cool exercise, but you are deep into the plyometrics disk so some serious concentration is necessary.

Gap Jump

This exercise is also pretty fun. All you do here is jump like you’re jumping across a small stream and trying not to get your feet wet. This is definitely a cool-down move from the Rock Star Hop. Very basic and effective move. Get your rest here because you’re going to need it for the next exercise.

Squat Jack

This is a modified jumping jack. First you start off by doing a jumping jack, then you put your hands behind your head while still doing the jumping jack, then you go into a squat while still doing the jumping jack. Very effective move and quite difficult to keep a low squat and correct form.

Military March

This is basically a cool down from the Squat Jack. Here, all you do is a modified and exaggerated version of the old German military duck walk. You just move opposite legs and opposite arms in sequence.

Run Squat 180 Jump Switch

This is very close to the Run-Stance Squat Switch. The only difference is you are switching every jump. So it’s just left, right, left, right and so on.

Lateral Leapfrog Squat

These are the same as Leapfrog Squats, but instead of jumping forward and backward, you jump from side to side.

Monster Truck Tires **

If you have ever run through tires on an obstacle course, then you already know how to do this exercise. The only difference is since these are monster truck tires; you have to do some serious knee ups. This is probably the second “funnest” exercise behind the Double Airborne Heisman. I will also incorporate this exercise into my normal workouts when I’m doing the P90X program. To be really effective, you have to seriously try and get those knees up. I was getting pretty tired at this point so I really had to concentrate on my form. Very difficult exercise to do correctly.

Hot Foot

This was the hardest exercise of the Ploymetrics disk! I have never done this exercise or even heard of it. Here all you do is stand on 1 leg and jumping in a small box up, down, left then right. While this does not sound hard, these 30 seconds are MURDER! This was probably the hardest calf exercise I have ever done in my life! Its fine for the first 15 seconds or so, but after that…..OH BOY! Man does it hurt. I consider my calves pretty strong, and I had a difficult time with this exercise. The lactic acid build-up is strong and quick. You’re going to feel your calves for the next few days.

Pitch and Catch

Here, all you do is a full motion baseball pitchers throw and catch. You will need this cool down exercise after that Hot Foot.

Jump Shot

Exactly like the name says, you just do a basketball jump shot. Just be sure that you are getting yourself off the ground. Very basic move, actually I’m not sure why this exercise is in the DVD??!

P90X Plyometrics

Football Hero

This is the last exercise of the DVD. All you do is 4 hops side to side while covering a good distance then jump 6 hops back. After this move, you are at about 50 something minutes into the DVD and I was exhausted. The only thing left was the cool down.


I gave this DVD 5 out of 5 Charles Faces; the whole DVD package is worth just this DVD. Loved it.

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Thanks for looking at my review on P90X Plyometrics.

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