P90X X Stretch – Review

P90X X Stretch

P90X X Stretch

Just as Power is in flexibility, so is P90X X Stretch is to preventing injury. I’m a huge believer in flexibility training and so is the P90X program. Consequently, the flexibility training is what appeals most to me about this program; more than any of the exercises combined. If you don’t have flexibility with all that muscle and power, you’re just a one trick pony.

P90X X Stretch

There are plenty of people out there that can lift 3/4/500lbs; but can’t touch their toes. Having that much power without the flexibility is worthless. I equate it with having a huge big screen TV without a remote. Sure, the picture you do have is great, but you only get 1 channel….very sucky.

In this DVD, most of the movements are outlined in the Yoga X DVD. I like this DVD better than the Yoga X DVD because there is less focus on the tradition of Yoga and more on actually gaining flexibility through stretching.

This DVD is unlike any of the other P90X DVD’s because it’s a low intensity and really focuses on getting you loose.

I’m not going to go over any of the moves here. But rest assured that this DVD is as important as any of the other in the series.

P90X X Stretch

I’m going to rate this DVD 4.5 out of Charles Faces. It’s definitely better than the Yoga X DVD but not quite perfect. I don’t rate this a 5 face because I need something more intense as I am already flexible, but for people like Julie, it’s perfect since she’s still working on her flexibility.

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4.5 Charles Faces'

4.5 Charles Faces'

This concludes my first review on P90X X Stretch.

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