How to speed up your Metabolism
How to speed up your Metabolism

This post is about How to speed up your Metabolism.

I’m assuming you know what a metabolism is, and im also assuming that you know why you want to speed it up. If not here is a short tutorial.

How to speed up your Metabolism

Your metabolism is a combo package of a physical and chemical process called Anabolism and Catabolism.

Anabolism is a phase of your metabolism where your body synthesizes (uses) protoplasm (food you eat) to grow and repair cells in your body.

Catabolism is a phase of your metabolism where your body consumes/destroys the food you eat to use as energy. Together they collaborate to break down the food you eat to be absorbed into the blood stream.

*The old saying garbage in garbage is at work here. The more garbage you put into your body the more garbage you will get out.*

Steady Calorie State / BMR

In past articles I wrote about Steady Calorie State (SCS) in losing weight, this is also known as a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This is the amount of calories that your body needs to keep you alive. The smaller you are the fewer calories you need, the bigger you are the more calories you need. This is no reason to panic if you’re big; you just need to use it to your advantage. I will show you how later in the article.

To increase your metabolic rate you have to change what you eat. Junk food slows down your metabolism and is absent in nutritional value, this is the reason why it’s called junk food. Also you need to start exercising. There are no magic beans or fairy dust patches that need to buy and tape to the bottom of your foot before you go to sleep.

The most efficient way is to start exercising and increase muscle mass. Just doing cardio all the time helps but is not optimal. As I said up above the smaller you are the less calories you need. By increasing muscle mass you will increase your metabolic burn rate. Why? Because more lean muscle mass burns uses more calories and burns more fat than less muscle mass. Why? Because it has a higher metabolic rate.

Aerobic exercises, like running, cycling and swimming increase your metabolic rate for 5 ~ 7 hours after you stop.

To increase lean muscle mass, you need to incorporate weight lifting or resistance strength training. These exercises do not speed up your metabolism but they do increase you lean muscle mass and burn fat.

How to speed up your Metabolism


Lastly one of the most effective ways to amp up your metabolism is to eat Breakfast. Breakfast is called breakfast because you are breaking your fast from not eating for 6~8 hours or however long you sleep. If don’t like to cook try my Power Breakfast I wrote about. It’s easy cheap and effective. No junk food here. Get out there and have fun!

This has been a post on How to speed up your Metabolism.

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