Eat like a King in April
Eat like a King in April

This is a post on how to How to Eat like a King in April.

Eat like a King in April

How to speed up your Metabolism

Now that spring is here for us Northern Hemispher people. Here is a simple Eating program to help get you back into shape.

Depending on when your workout you want to incorporate at least 20 grams of protein before and after you workout. This is the stuff I use:

I tried this Vegan Rice Protein, but I didn’t like it…it taste like I was eating flour :/ But if you are a Vegan there are very few choices you have.Rice Protein - Taste like flour


Here is my normal Whey / Casein / Soy Protein that I use for its time released properties. The Whey is quickly absorbed into the blood stream, Casein or Egg Protein is very slow to absorbed by your body and Soy is right in between the Whey and Casein. This is very good stuff and its easy to find if you in North America

EAS Vanilla Whey Protein

EAS Whey Vanilla Protein - Nutritional Facts

A friend of mine turned me on to this stuff…it’s basically an all soy protein cereal. ½ cup is 25 grams of soy protein, so it’s very concentrated.


Nutlettes - Nutritional Facts


Charles Natural Grains + 4 hard boiled egg whites + Glass water

I personally recommend you hard boil your eggs because over 90% of the protein content is absorbable in hard boiled eggs versus only 51% when they are cooked. A regular large hard boiled egg contains about 12 grams of protein; if you only eat the egg white it contains about 8 grams of protein. So with just 4 hard boiled egg whites you have over 30 grams of slow release Casein Protein.


Protein Shake:

One of my favorite shakes is Ginger Snaps, my daughter and I was hooked on these when I was living in Japan.

27g Vanilla Whey

5 Ginger Snap Cookies

Half of a can of regular (not diet) 7-up

Ice + Water

Blend it in a good blender….and oh boy!

Eat like a King in April


Spinach Salad with Skinless white-meat chicken, grilled in lemon or lime juice

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Glass of Water


The Julie Special: Cottage Cheese + Apple Sauce – This satisfies all your protein and carbohydrate needs


1 ear corn on the cob

1 pear

6oz skinless dark-meat chicken grilled in lemon or lime juice and olive oil

1 glass fat free milk or soy milk.

This has been a post on how to Eat like a king in April.

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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