This review is about the P90x Back and Bicep DVD. Be forwarned…If you cant handle sarcasm, you dont want to read this post…I warned you!

P90X Back and Bicep

This is the last of the regular P90X DVD’s. I may do the P90X+ . This starts out just like the other DVDs in the warm-up. No surprises here. By now it’s almost routine.

The exercises

For this review I’m not going to go into describing the exercises if I already have in previous reviews.

Wide Front Pull-ups

We have done plenty of these in the Chest & Back workout. Nothing really to explain here.


This was also done in the Chest & Back workout


This was pretty cool. What you doing here is doing a set of bottom-half curls for 7 reps, the immediately doing top-half curls for 7 reps, then followed by a full set of curls for 7 reps.

One Arm Cross-body Curl

You do bicep curls, but just as the title says, you go across your body, do both sides and proceed

Switch Grip Pull-ups

This was described in the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps Review

Elbows-out Lawnmower

I bet you can’t guess what the difference between the regular lawnmower and the elbows-out lawnmower is?

Standing Bicep Curl

If you need help figuring out what this exercise is, you’re on the wrong website.

One Arm Concentration Curl

Hey, same rules apply as the exercise above.

Corn Cob Pull-up

Ok, sit down now, let’s talk about Corn Cob Pull-ups. Go get a cup of tea because we may be here for awhile. Got it? Good! I know your lying but whatever.

I did maybe 4 of these WITH HELP. The Corn Cob Pull-up ranks right up there with the One Leg Iron Chairs you did in leg workout day, or 1 arm push-ups for me since Iron Chairs are not really that hard for me.

This exercise starts out like a normal pull-up, but once you get to the top, all rules have changed. While you are still in the up position, move your body to the right, then to the left, then OUT (meaning while your still in the up position, push your body out then back in), then come back in and drop down for 1 rep. Great Stuff!

Reverse Grip Bent over Row

This is the same thing as heavy pants that we did in Chest & Back. The only thing different is your palms are facing forward.

Open Arm Curl

These are just basic arm curls but you just do them at your sides so your arms are “open.”

Static Arm Curl

These are the same thing you did in Shoulders & Arms day. You are going to do 16, so 4 on each side, then switch.

Towel Pull-ups

A straight up pull-up with a towel in one hand. Basic and effective. Do them until you can’t do anymore.

Cogdon Locomotive

This is an exercise where it’s best to have actual weights. Doing these with resistance bands sucks. Grab a weight that is relatively light for what you would do in a normal arm curl. Get in a dead-lift stance. Then start pulling up with both arms, you are doing 40 reps here, its easy for the first 15 or so then it gets hard, if it’s too easy by 30 you don’t have enough weight, consequently if its too hard by 30…

Crouching Cohen Curl

This is the same thing you did in Shoulders & Arms day.

One-arm Corkscrew Curl

Just like a corkscrew twist, you do bicep curls while corkscrewing you arm. Start with you palms facing the back wall, then corkscrew up so your palms are facing you when they are at the top. Very effective move for targeting the whole arm.


You can figure this out.

Seated Bent Over Back Fly

While seated, bend over so you’re just slightly over your waist. Using your resistance bands or dumbbells, “fly” your elbows out as much as you can so you’re in a scarecrow position. The key here is to fly out. Most people who are not used to doing flys try and push up which does not work your back muscles, but your traps. This is fine on trap day just not today.

Curl up / Hammer down

This attacks your biceps from both angles. By now you already know how to do this move. Do it, it works.

Max Rep Pull-up

Um….yeah, do some pull-ups till you can’t do anymore.


You already did these on Superman / Banana on Core Synergistics and Cardio X day.

In & Out Hammer Curls

These are fairly simple and kick a ton of ass; you just do hammers in two directions in and out.

Strip-set Curl

In the final exercise of this DVD, all cards are showing. Here you start with as much weight as you can and start curling. In the video, he does 8 reps, then drops down 5lbs and does 8 more. You do these till you can’t do anymore.

P90X Back and Bicep

Another good DVD, not nearly as hard as yesterday’s workout, but effective none the less. I give it 4 Charles Faces.

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Thanks for looking at my review on P90X Back and Bicep.

Charles Lloyd
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