Is douchism synonymous with Ed Hardy
Is douchism synonymous with Ed Hardy

This poses the question of Is douchism synonymous with Ed Hardy.

Is douchism synonymous with Ed Hardy

When I wrote The Top 10 Way not to be a douche bag little did I know that I would have so many people write and tell me how much they agree my #4 point

  • Buying a shirt that has Affliction, Tap-out, Ed-Hardy or any of those other douche bag (Big Johnson) shirts and thinking you’re a bad ass because of it.


Well apparently i’m not alone; there are many more people who absolutely despise anything to do with Ed Hardy.

Is douchism synonymous with Ed Hardy

If you don’t know what Ed Hardy is, here is a small forward which should be printed on every t-shirt they sell.

Forward: Ed Hardy is actually made for celebrities who market stuff to douche bags like you. If you not a celebrity you should in no way be even contemplating the thought of buying this lame ass T-Shirt. But since you are a douche bag you won’t listen and will buy it anyway. Thanks to you I am now basking in The Hamptons’ and drinking Cristal with Diddy 1990’s style. Sincerely – Don Ed Hardy & Christian Audgier

Now don’t get me wrong I have ZERO against Don Ed Hardy or Christian Audgier, actually I applaud them in their business acumen in douche bag spotting. Christian Audgier I especially applaud because he has also marketed other douche bag products such as but not limited to: Von Dutch and Affliction.


I bet Mr. Audgier has a conversation with himself, and it went like this:

Sees some douche bag or douche bag-ette with a bunch of “tribal” or Kanji tattoos all over their arms at a UFC event and thinks to himself.


“I bet that douche bag over there will buy a $.25 t-shirt for $110 if I put a bunch of dragons, skulls and other douche bag stuff on it, if he sees one of my friends like Lil Wayne or Dennis Rodman wearing it on TV”.


“I bet I can sell him/her that same t-shirt for $130 because it will be “Limited Edition”, no Ill sell it for $270 and only sell it out of 1 store in Los Angeles”.


Done and Done…Christian Audgier cashes huge douche bag checks. Mr. Audgier rinses and repeats over and over again.


After writing this I did a Google picture search (I swear) to test my hypothesis in douche bag marketing.


Proof my theory is correct, here is Mr. Audgier, Lil Wayne & Baby. For those with a keen eye I *think* Mr. Audgier is wearing a Gucci leather jacket. He does not even wear his own douche bag product!



Not only do I think Ed Hardy is synonymous with douche bagism so do White People.

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