How to NOT diet eat well and still lose weight The Alcoholic
How to NOT diet eat well and still lose weight The Alcoholic

Today is the next part of the series entitled How to NOT diet eat well and still lose weight The Alcoholic.

How to NOT diet eat well and still lose weight The Alcoholic

I’m going to try something different today…usually how these papers are edited is I write them and Julie edits them, I edit them some more then I post them….well yesterday I wrote part 3 of this topic, and sent it to her to be edited, but instead of revising my paper I am going to post what I originally wrote, her response in *’s and my response to her response in italic…, this will give you more incite into my personality an hers, as you will see I’m not faking the funk with the title of this website…Physical and Mental Fitness for Sarcastic People, love it or hate it, it’s reallly who I am…enjoy:)

Julie’s comments are *

My response is in italic

The Red Wine Conundrum

We have all heard that modest alcohol, more specifically red wine, supposedly has some chemicals (namely the antioxidant polyphenol and resveratrol) that will improve your life expectancy and lower your LDL or bad cholesterol count.  so, how much is considered modest alcohol?  *Do you have an amount?* – Amount depends on body weight, modest to one person is alcohol poisoning to another

What is not told is that anything beyond “modest” alcohol consumption also increases your blood pressure and causes an increase in triglycerides.

As a whole, alcoholics have a higher rate of cancer than the general population.  Women are at an even higher risk of breast cancer the more they drink. *so, what’s the definition of an alcoholic?* Alcoholic – A person who consumes alcohol despite health problems/adverse consequences/and a uncontrollable drive to drink *Do you have an amount, symptoms?* Already answered

In France the men average 3.5 glasses of wine per day and they have a 32% lower incidence of heart disease than men who do not drink. The flip side of that is they are more likely to die from cancer and violent deaths than men who do not drink….damned if you do, damned if you don’t eh?

How to NOT diet eat well and still lose weight The Alcoholic

Sweet Home Alcohol

Now I just made some pretty lofty claims about one of the worlds favorite past times… getting drunk *no, you make lofty claims about alcoholism.  so, in our mind, is getting drunk the same as being an alcoholic?* Already explained above . As I explained before in my blog on pH Balance, a healthy body is dependent on a good pH balance. For the most part, alcohol is considered highly acidic; therefore, your body has to do everything within its power to counter balance the acidic effects of alcohol, which includes weight gain and muscle consumption.

There are many claims and current factual studies that red wine is actually good for you; but as you know, alcohol drinking begets more alcohol drinking *oh really?  Wow.  Not always the case Charles. I agree that it can lead to that, but It’s not a foregone conclusion.*- Sure it is, I just wrote it down so there it is in black and white) and this is where we run into problems. For the same reason drinking some alcohol *may*…(probably will) lead to drinking more alcohol, it also has the same affect with food; as you drink more you are more likely to let down your guard and consume more food, which leads to even more food consumption and more dessert consumption and more alcohol consumption and so on…

My advice is to avoid it altogether, but I know damn well that is not going to happen, so if you are going to drink, do it in moderation. *again, what moderation?* explained above, moderation is not getting drunk or drinking more than 2X per week

*LOL.* only an alcoholic would laugh at this epidemic

This concludes this post entitled How to NOT diet eat well and still lose weight The Alcoholic.

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