3 Very Simple Quick Cooking Tips
3 Very Simple Quick Cooking Tips

This post is entitled 3 Very Simple Quick Cooking Tips.

3 Very Simple Quick Cooking Tips

Personally I don’t like to cook, if that didn’t get you fired up and you want to hate me even more, then the honest truth is i’m not particularly fond of eating either, it just takes up way too much time.

I’m well aware that many MANY people eating is one of their favorite past times, I personally don’t get the whole love to eat thing, nor do I get the idea of “comfort foods”.

So by now you have just figured out that i’m not a chef, but this does not mean I don’t know how to cook. If your lazy in the kitchen like me and want to do the absolute minimum and still eat healthy here are 3 very simple cooking tips.

When cooking noodles and pasta:

  1. Buy pasta that is not made with eggs or oil.
  2. Don’t add salt or oil to the water when cooking, unless you’re eating them without sauce. The sauce you put on it will have more than enough oil and salt already
  3. Boil your water first then add the pasta. This keeps the water boiling and all your pasta cooked the same.

When Baking or Grilling

  1. Baking is slow. Bake most of you meat at 360F/~180C for 25 ~ 30 Minutes.
  2. Grilling is quick. Preheat your grill (I use a George Foreman Grill) and cook it between 6~7 mins per side or just 7 mins if your using a Foreman Grill.

3 Very Simple Quick Cooking Tips

When you Sauté

  1. Instead of using butter or margarine use vinegar, soy sauce, wine or vegetable/chicken stock or some combination thereof
  2. Heat one of the above over medium heat in a pan
  3. When you start to see steam, add your ingredients then stir
  4. When all the liquid is gone add another 3 tablespoons, if you have already cooked your meat then you should be ready to eat, if not repeat step four until its ready.

Remember if its looks like junk food, walks like junk food and taste like junk food. Guess what?

* Forget everything I just wrote if you are talking about Thai food, or Sushi then eating is fundamental 😛

This concludes my post entitled 3 Very Simple Quick Cooking Tips.

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