Lots going on here at charleslloydfitness, all within the last few months our company (Jac & JIL) has grown substantially. Here is our corporate boot camp lessons we do here in the Sacramento, Ca. area.
F.I.I.T Camp – This is the brainchild of my business partner Julie – Here is what it’s all about.

It is Focused, Intentional, Intensity, Training! Oh Ya! F.I.I.T. Camp is the ultimate in total body fitness! It is an intense and fun, total body workout provided in a 45 minute to 1 hour class format encompassing all six components of physical fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, balance and body composition.  It consists of an 8 to 10 minute warm up, 35 to 45 minutes of high intensity cardio intervals balanced with muscular endurance training to provide a workout that burns between 400 to 600 calories per session, and ends with 5 to 10 minutes of stretching.  The core is always worked and the class may end with a 10-15 minute abdominal workout (if I don’t target it a lot during the main session, which I usually do).

2. Who is it for?

It’s for anyone who wants to be in the best shape of their lives and have the most fun they’ve ever had while doing it! In a nutshell, F.I.I.T. Camp is for everyone who is serious – about fitness and about having fun. Each session can be tailored to fit the fitness level of the participants. With each exercise given, a lower level and a higher level is also provided so each student can work as hard or as little as they want.  I also provide modifications for people with injuries or other limitations. I currently teach people from their early twenties all they way up to their 70’s.

3. What does the Acronym F.I.I.T. Stand For?

  • Focused:  It’s important to focus on the task at hand.  It’s a chance to forget about work, problems, etc., and gives you a chance to Focus on yourself for one hour.  It also means you need to Focus on what you are doing.  Focus on the muscle(s) you are working, how you are feeling, and Focus on doing every single rep, move, second, properly and with good form.
  • Intentional: Be intentional (purposeful) with every move.  Be intentional and remember why you are in this class.  Make every move count and do them well. Be a 100% committed to class and fulfill your purpose for being in it.
  • Intensity: This is the BIG one here baby!!!  Bring IT!!!!  The difference in intensity equals the difference in results.  You can do the same exercise as your neighbor, but if his intensity level is 3x higher than yours, he will get 3x the results.  You know the old saying. . .you get out of it what you put into it. And believe me, if I don’t think you’re being intense, I will help you see the light.
  • Training: My goal is to teach you the discipline, the skills, and fill you with the desire to improve your health and your life. I want you to walk away with a better understanding of your body and of your inner strength.  I will test you, I will push you and I will make a winner out of you!!

Currently we are only offering this to our corporate accounts namely UTI College. We do however plan on expanding this operation to other companies in Northern California. If you are interested, contact me from the link above.

General Guidelines

  • Right now we are NOT a huge company, and we like to keep are class size relativity small – under 30 people – for quality control purposes.
  • Our classes go for 6 week increments and we welcome people from all levels of in-shape-ness.
  • Our classes last 1 hour and are done outside (yes that means if its raining, we still workout, and if it’s hot, we still workout).

Pricing Information

Don’t you hate it when people don’t put their pricing on their page? To me its silly, I mean what are you afraid of? Prices apply to the 916 (Sacramento, Ca) area code.
We don’t generally take classes under 10 people because there is not a lot of time leverage. We LOVE fitness, and LOVE helping people, but we also have bills to pay.
**NOTE** Past experience indicates that class sizes that are between 12 ~ 17 are generally the best; our instructors in this scenario have the greatest flexibility to attend to the needs of our students.

  • 20 ~ 30 students: $85 per student – Classes last 6 weeks / 2x per week.
  • 15 ~ 19 students: $95 per student – Classes last 6 weeks / 2x per week.

Large Corporate and Government Accounts ARE higher due to increased liability and logistics.  Large Corporate and Government Accounts please use the Contact Me form for further information.

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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