Accountability Eating Plan
Accountability Eating Plan

This is an email I recently sent to all of our clients at F.I.I. T Camp, it talks about my Accountability Eating Plan. This letter talks about eating, working out and nutrition. Due to the good response and results. I am now offering A.E.P. to readers of my website. Check it out.

Accountability Eating Plan

Hello everyone,

I know I spoke briefly on Friday about the importance of nutrition to go along with your F.I.I.T Camp schedule. However, I wanted to reiterate the point again. Fortunately for you guys/girls, you have been afforded the luxury of having a company-sponsored fitness program with Julie and me; however, this is just 20% of the equation. The other 10% would be you actually showing up every time there is class and working HARD – the last 70% is the nutrition part. Even if you showed up to class every Wednesday and Friday and worked hard, you are still only 30% of the way to your fitness goals. The last 70% is by far the hardest – what you feed your body and holding yourself accountable to sticking with a specific nutritional plan to meet your goals.

Far too many times, Julie and I worked with people who come to class, work hard, but still fail to see any measurable results, so they end up quitting. In each and every case, without exception, improper nutrition is the culprit. Most people realize the importance of a proper diet and nutrition, but fail to truly hold themselves accountable for sticking with a nutritional plan. They either have a spouse, family member or loved one do the diet with them, and although this system is fine and works for about two to four weeks, after the newness wears off, laziness and procrastination sets in. At this point a family member or friend will listen to your excuses about why you can cheat *just a little,* it’s ok skip a workout *just this once,* or how you *deserve* a break. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, this is the beginning of the end.

There is a reason why every great athlete has a coach, every great chef has a mentor, and every great company has an independent quality control department. They don’t want to hear excuses about why you couldn’t perform, cook, or create at your peak. They look for and demand results. While you may not have dreams of competing in the Tour de France, becoming the next Mario Batali or Dara Torres. or recreating Google, the principle still applies; if you want fitness results, you have to seek and find great independent fitness help.

Here is where I can help you. Attached below is a copy of my Accountability Eating Plan and how it works. For 1 full week, I want you to write down every thing that you eat or drink. After that is complete, you and I will sit down and plan out your fitness goals. I will then give you a fullcustomized nutrition plan for you and your goals. Then you execute the plan. My job is to keep you on track, make any necessary changes to your nutrition plan, offer encouragement to stay with the plan, and not listen to any of your excuses why you cannot do it. If your goal is to lose 40 lbs, I can help. If your goal is the gain lean muscle mass, I can help. If you stay with my plan you will get results. The only way you won’t get results is by either not trying or giving up (barring a medical condition)

Make the investment in yourself and get started today. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Make it happen


Accountability Eating Plan

Here is the .pdf file, everything you need to know is enclosed. Contact me when you are ready to order at [email protected]

Accountability Eating Plan

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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    • Tayler Brock

      Thank you for posting this! I’m just re-starting my journey (after several failed attempts) to STOP being a fat ass. Hopefully, when I actually SEE what I’m putting into my body, my mindset will change.

    • Charles Lloyd

      The old adage applies: “If it is meant to be, its up to me.”

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