Black rice is the antioxidant king

Black rice is the antioxidant king

Black rice is the antioxidant king

Well like everything else in the world, “Black” is taking over. Now here comes black rice! Black rice is the antioxidant king.

I’m sure you are familiar with white rice. I am also going to assume that you know it (white rice) not as good as brown rice because of the higher glycemic index it holds. Well hold on to your hats then, current research find that black rice trumps brown rice AND blueberries AND blackberries! Exciting news I know.  According to a Dr. Zhimin Xu at Louisiana State University Agriculture Center “Just a spoonful of black rice bran contains more health promoting anthocyanin antioxidants than an equal amount  of blueberries, but with less sugar, more fiber and more vitamin E.”

Black rice is the antioxidant king

Anthocyanins serve more than just for adding coloring to fruit and wine. When eaten in large amounts these antioxidants flavonoids are what protect many of your vital body systems.

Wonderful you say! Now what do I do with black rice you ask? Im glad you asked. Here is a low-budget film by some chick I don’t know off Youtube.

Black rice is the antioxidant king

Also Dr. Xu has found that the pigments from the “antioxidant king” can produce a variety of different colors that can provide a better alternative to using artificial food colorings (such as juice and soda). This is especially good with the “West” new found obesity problem that plagues our children and adults.

How to make Black Rice Pudding


Now you know that Black rice is the antioxidant king.

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