This post is about Exercises for Small Spaces to Occupy Big Minds.

Exercises for Small Spaces
Exercises for Small Spaces

Mix and match. Take one from each and do them in order. Then do them again. Mix them up each day.  Or, just do two or three from one. Rest, and do two or three from another. Work opposite muscle groups.  Wait 24 hours in between lifting.  You can do cardio, core and stretching every day if you’d like, just don’t do the same muscle groups two days in a row.

Exercises for Small Spaces

Exercise Reps & times Cues
CARDIO Quick Feet 30-60 seconds Knees slightly bent 

Butt back&down (B&D)

Navel to Spine (abs in)

Fast, low, quick, steps

Jog/sprint in place Tall posture 

Abs in

Pump arms

High knees – either as a jog or step Posture & Abs in
Butt kicks – either jog or step
Jumping Jacks w/Variations
Half-jack, regular jack, front arm jack, power jack
Mummy Kicks Straight arms out X 

Straight legs, point toes

Repeaters 30 seconds R leg 

30 Sec. L leg

Lunge. Bring back knee forward and pull arms in at same time. Repeat quickly. 

Keep stationary leg bent

Jump Rope 

Alternate feet

Double feet

Single leg

Fwrd, back, side2side

30-60 seconds
CORE Planks – on hands or on elbows 

Variations below

30-60 Sec. Abs in, neutral spine 

Hands under shoulders

Don’t put butt in air

Don’t sink hips

Alternating knees forward 

Alt. Knees x to elbow

Alt. Knees out to Shoulders


30-60 Sec. 


Same cues as above. 

Can do each separately or can combine. See notes

Military Crawl 30-60 Sec Start in up position 

Down on R elbow – Down L Elbow

Up R hand – Up L hand

Side planks 30-60 Sec Start in plank position 

Feet shoulder width apart

Turn sideways – hold

Pushups – from plank position, lower chest to hands and back up AMAP The wider your hands the easier the pushup – the closer the hands, the harder the pushup and the more you engage the triceps. Go on knees if you can’t get your chest down.  Your hips should never lead.
Push ups to side planks 6-12 total – rest/repeat Add a good pushup. Can pushup from knees, go up to plank and turn. Or turn onto knee and top leg is straight
Side planks w/hip drops 6-12 each side Turn to side plank – put top hand behind head. Drop hip down and up. Switch sides
Quadraped – lift R arm straight and Left leg up straight 

Repeat L arm and Right leg


6-12 each side Abs tight – neutral spine-breathe 


Bicycles – Slow and fast 10 Slow 

20 fast

Keep abs pulled in and breathe
V Ups – Single leg and double leg Pull abs before coming up and keep them in. very important. Exhale on way up
Double leg stretch 6-10 Hug knees, head/shoulders off flr 

Extend arms and legs straight out simultaneously, then circle arms around to hug knees again as you bring them in. repeat.

Sit – Lean back 45 Degrees – Feet on floor 

Lean back two counts – up two counts

Russian Twists

AMAP Keep tension in abs – don’t round back 

Arms out straight – turn r- C- Left

Add weight, lift feet off floor




Hold down and pulse

Hold down in static squat

Plyo squats

10-20. Combine fast, pulse, hold, plyo Feet shoulder width or more apart 

Push hips back like you’re sitting in a chair

Sit down into the heels of your feet and push up through the heels


Plie squats 

Same as squats but toes point out


Front lunge

Back lunge

Side lunge

Single leg lunge

Single leg balance – bend overs 

Add pogo hop

6-10 each leg. 

Alt. R & L

Abs in
Single leg table top extend 6-10 each leg. 

Alt. R & L

Arms go out in front as leg kicks back and you are parallel to the floor – hold and return
Single leg – leg extension/hamstring curl 6-10 each leg. 

Alt. R & L

Abs in – lift knee to 90 degrees. 

Extend leg and tighten quad, curl in & tighten hamstring

Warrior X – balance and abs SAA Stand making an X with arms/legs 

Lift R leg, bring left elbow in and x in front of body – then switch


Alt single arm

Simultaneous arms


8-14 Reps Switch up timing.  So lift fast (1 count), and go down slow (3-4 Ct). 

Or Lift slow, go down slow.

Add static curl one side while other side moves

Overhead tricep lifts Same Same
Tricep dips on bench 

Add leg lifts, leg pulses, hold reverse plank on bench

Same Keep butt as close to bench as possible to protect the shoulders
Straight arm diagonal should raise Same It’s like drawing a sword. Keep arm straight. Start R hand at L hip, pull up and x so now R arm is diagonal from start position
Upright rows Same Keep arms close to body and hands close together as you pull band up. Always lead with the elbows. 

Up fast (1 ct), down slow (3 ct) or make the timing even.  Mix it up

Bent over rows – Same Lunge position, pull band like you are starting a lawn mower.  Keep elbow close to side
Standing/bent over flys 

Simultaneously and alternate

Same Slightly bend over, bend arms slightly at elbow and lift band and out
BACK Prone position 

Supermans, I’s, Y’s and T’s


8-14 Reps
STRETCH I’ll show you stretch moves and sequences for all parts 

Think hamstring, hip flexors, quads, hips, glutes, back, chest, shoulders, triceps, arms

Hold 10-20 Sec. Reach, hold, inhale, when exhale, reach a little farther. Never to the point of real discomfort

Exercises for Small Spaces

This concludes my post on Exercises for Small Spaces to Occupy Big Minds.

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