Whatever this new Bullying campaign they got going on on TV, the internet, and locally is retarded.


At the risk of sounding like my parents on “These kids these days” tirade, the new StopBullying.gov campaign is a pile of crap. Here are some of the headlines of this new governmental website: “Things you can do to stop bullying” “Cyberbullying”, “LGBT Bullying”, are you flipping kidding me, words cannot begin to describe how stupid this is. But let me just lay it all out on the line for you.

Reason #1 EVERYBODY NEEDS TO GET THEIR ASS KICKED every now and then.

Coming from a male perspective, bullying comes from the perspective of lack of respect from one to another.  Actually, this is the reason why THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE BULLYING. Most boys fight not because they actually want to fight, boys fight or bully other people because they have a lack of respect for that person. But mostly, it’s because they have a lack of respect for themselves and they think the only way to be respected is to bully other kids. Whether they can actually kick that person’s ass or not is irrelevant. If that other person does nothing about it, the bullying will continue indefinitely. Want to know a surefire way of cure bullying? I’ll give it to you. Fight. Yep fight. Here is how to end bullying.

Scenario 1: Kids on a school yard

Bully: Give me your money retard.

Little Jimmy: uh….ok, here.

Everybody watching says nothing.


Scenario 2: Kids on a school yard.

Bully: Give me your money retard.

Little Jimmy: Fuck you! I ain’t giving you shit!

Bully: I’m going to kick your ass.

Little Jimmy: Bring it, won’t be the first time I got my ass kicked.

*Bully kicks Little Jimmy’s ass*


Next day:

Bully: Give me your money retard, or I will kick your ass just like I did yesterday.

Little Jimmy: Fuck you! I ain’t giving you shit!

Bully: I’m going to kick your ass.

Little Jimmy: Bring it.

*Bully kicks Little Jimmy’s ass, but Bully takes a few licks in the process, and Little Jimmy bites the crap out of Bully*
Day 3

Bully: <thinks to himself> Little Jimmy doesn’t give a damn about fighting, and I think he has a rock in his bag</ thinks to himself> Give me your money retard.

Little Jimmy: We can do this all day every day, I ain’t giving you nothing. * Little Jimmy proceeds to pull a sock out of his bag that is full of rocks* the whole school yard “oooooohhh”

Bully: <thinks to himself> Crap, what have I gotten myself into </thinks to himself> Uh…

Little Jimmy: <attacks> Hits Bully in the jaw and knocks his ass out </attack>

*The whole school sees it* *Bully’s street cred just went out the door*

Day 4 – Nothing, both kids are suspended

The next week

Bully: “Give me your money!”

Little Tyler: “Nigga – Little Jimmy just kicked your ass last week, get the hell out of here” and walks off.

***The End of A Bully’s Bullying Career, because Bullying without street cred does not exist***


A Future Nation of Government Dependence

Theory: The government puts these types of campaigns out to have people become more dependent upon government and other bodies of authority, thus more power for them.

Bullying happens and needs to happen because it builds character. The stop bullying website and other TV and local societal authorities, want people (kids) to “tell the proper authorities” on each other, because it gives the government more power over people’s lives.

  • Someone is picking on you? “tell the proper authorities”
  • Someone looked at you funny? “tell the proper authorities”
  • Didn’t get that job you wanted? “tell the proper authorities”

Actually, this really is no different than the so called “Patriot Act” that was signed into place after 9/11, but a watered down kids version, now that I think about it. Actually I see a lot of similarities. Just replace “Bullying” with “Terrorist” and it pretty much becomes the exact same thing. Hmm, now I am not sure what direction this article is going. First I had one thing in mind, now so many other ideas just popped into my head.

Why Bullying needs to happen.

Bullying needs to happen because, you were not promised a life of “daisy covered meadows, bubble gum and soda pop.” When you were born, you were not guaranteed safety, nor were you guaranteed an easy life. Actually, if anything, you were guaranteed a life full of heartache, pain and suffering, it’s the people who figure this out early in life and figure out what to do about it without taking any shortcuts are the ones who are most successful.

Less Bullying = Less Success

The ideal world that these governmental officials want to portray is that “Everybody is a winner, nobody gets bullied, and everything is great.”  So what happens when the real world of torment and “not getting what you want” hits these kids? What if a straight “A” student from a poor family in Kansas, who “did what they were supposed to” applies to some Ivy league school and gets the infamous “Thanks but no thanks” letter from Harvard, because they “Do not fit the profile of…”? Does this constitute scholastic bullying? If so, who are they to tell? Nobody, because the whole thing does not work.

Honestly I could go on forever, but this anti-bullying thing is stupid. People are not nice, and sometimes you just have to kick somebody’s ass in order for them to leave you alone. If that doesn’t work, get a few friends together and “jump” em’. This is how it really works.

This concludes my Tuesday Rant: Bullying.

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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