Georges St. Pierre Rushfit Strength and Endurance Workout
Georges St. Pierre Rushfit Strength and Endurance Workout

This post is a review of Georges St. Pierre Rushfit Strength and Endurance Workout.

Georges St. Pierre Rushfit Strength and Endurance Workout

Unless you have been living on the moon without a cellphone or internet connection you have heard of the UFC, and if you have heard of the UFC then you should be somewhat vaguely familiar of who GSP or Georges St. Pierre is. GSP is one of the baddest freaking dudes on the planet as far as *known* mix martial artists are concerned. In my estimation, GSP and Anderson Silva are two of the best fighters around. Anyway GSP recently came out with a workout video and that is what we are going to talk about today.

Strength and Endurance are exactly what this workout is all about. If you came to see some sort of advanced technical training that only about 5% of the population can actually do, you are about to be disappointed. However, if you want to know how professionals train then you came to the right place. Most non-professionals or spectators think that people who work out for a living (i.e. professional fighters) believe that the “best” do crazy stuff like one-legged Hindu squats with 40lb kettle bells in each hand for an hour a day. This theory is 100% untrue. Professionals train with the basics their entire lives. If you don’t believe me, go watch an old Jerry Tarkanian basketball coaching session, where all he does is left hand dribble, right hand dribble, lay-up and bounce pass THE WHOLE SESSION. Wanna try a reverse layup in the paint during practice? Your ass will get suspended for five games, chewed out, fined $500 and you get a 8 hour shift unloading the school cafeteria warehouse truck just because you had your tongue out ala Michael Jordan. Double dare you to try that Horse$#!+ again.

The format of the workout is just like 99% of all workouts, Warm-up, Workout, Cool down, Finished.


For whatever reason GSP says a few words on this video at the beginning then says something to the effect that this video was created by Erik Owings, then Erik takes over. Kinda weird since this has GSP’s name on the video.

Torso Twist

From a standing position with your feet shoulder with apart, begin to twist your torso keeping your feet planted. Get your elbows about shoulder height, and then do your best Chubby Checker impersonation.

Side Bend

This is a dynamic stretch, where you are just reaching over your head side to side. DO NOT bend forward, only to the side. The farthest you want to go is so that your knee, hip and shoulder are in a straight line up and down.

Plank Walks

I call these plank walks. I’m not even sure there is a name for these in the video. From a standing position, bend over and walk your hands out until you are in a plank position, then walk your feet up to your hands. Rinse and repeat. Like any good workout video, they show a modified version of each exercise for people who may not be able to it and a progressive version for those who want a more advanced version of the same exercise.

Backwards Lunge (Capoeira)

If you have read any of my Insanity workouts, then you’ll know these are a lower impact Speed Skate. Instead of jumping side to side as you would with Speed Skates, in this exercise you lunge backwards and the rest of the exercise is the same. This exercise comes from the base of Capoeira which is a Brazilian martial arts and dance. Ever want to know why Brazilians are great Martial artists? Well most natural martial artists are usually naturally good dancers.

Walk Out Push-Up

From a standing position, squat down into a frog position, then just like you did a few minutes ago, walk your hands out into a plank position and do a push-up, then walk your hands back into that same frog position and stand back up.

Lateral Lunges

The good old tried and true lateral lunges – from a standing position again, you are laterally lunging (side to side) and raising your arms to shoulder height  for balance.

Lateral Plank (Push up to Side Plank)

Just last week Julie did a pictorial of this exercise (Push Up to Side Plank) – go check it out.

Air Squat

Coming out of your Lateral Raise Push-up, with your feet shoulder width apart, you are going to squat down so that your quadriceps are parallel with the ground, then raise back up. Be sure and keep your back straight.

Table Top Knee-to-Elbow Extensions

These are called something else in the video but I am not sure what it is (one thing about this video is the exercises are not clearly identified). This is a very common exercise. Starting from a table top or quadruped position (on all 4’s back straight), extend opposite arms and opposite legs and hold that position for the allotted time period then, bring the extended elbow and knee together. Do the required number, then switch arms and legs.

Straight Up

From a lying position (on your back) with your hands over your head, sit straight up and try to reach your hands to the ceiling. Keep going without stopping.

Strength & Endurance Workout

Not sure why but the actual workout is not a continuation of the warm-up. The people changed clothes and dumbbell weights have come into the picture – kinda strange actually.

-Round 1

Air Squat

Yep the same exercise you did in the warmup. Pick up the pace!

Iso Squat

This is the same as the air squat you just did but you are isolated in the down position (quadriceps parallel to the ground).

Hands Off Push-Up

This is a basic push-up the only difference is you come all the way down and take your “hands off” the ground for a second, then proceed into the normal push-up.

Back Extension

From a prone position (on your stomach), position your hands behind you with your palms towards the ceiling, now superman your head, chest and legs off the ground and reach as high up with your palms as you possibly can.


From your prone position, go back to your knees. Now pop up to your feet without using your hands. ONLY use your lower body muscles to pop up to your feet. This is very good plyometric exercise. Continue for the allotted time period. Try and do as many as you can.

Round 2

  • Air Squat

Squat Thrust

Standing straight up with your feet at shoulder width, squat down and put your hands on the floor and jump your feet back so you are in a plank position, now jump your feet back in and rise to a standing position. The key here is to do as many as you possibly can for the allotted time period. Remember the modified version is also included in the video.

  • Push-ups
  • Burpees
  • Lateral Planks – Just like the Push-up to side planks we did earlier but without the push-up part.

Georges St. Pierre Rushfit Strength and Endurance Workout

Round 3

Go grab your dumbbells

  • Lateral Lunges – The only difference here is you are bring the dumbbells “close” to the floor (6 inches or less) in your “low” lunge position, then rowing it up to your sides in the “up” position.

Rotating Overhead Press

Just like it sounds. You rotate your upper body side to side (upper body pointed left or right and your feet planted) and press one dumbbell overhead as you alternate sides.

Rotating Bent Over Row

Start with your feet shoulder width apart again, bend over with your butt out and your back straight (keeping the natural curve of the lower spine), and start alternating rowing your dumbbells.

Alternating Upright Row

Stand straight up with your feet shoulder width apart, then start a regular upright row but alternate hands. Be sure and not half ass it but get the dumbbell all the way up to your chin.

Rotating Curl

Again, starting with your feet shoulder width apart, curl your dumbbells up then rotate your hands, the only way they can and curl down, next curl up again then when you are at the top again rotate your hands to the down position. Continue for the allotted time period.

Now we are going to go through the whole round again.

  • Lateral Lunges
  • Rotating Overhead Press
  • Rotating Bent Over Row
  • Alternating Upright Row
  • Rotating Curl

45 Second Rest

Round 4

Get your dumbbells again

Around The World

Standing straight up, feet shoulder width apart, grab one dumbbell with both hands at the center handle section; now maneuver the dumbbell around your head, shoulders and waist in one fluid motion.

Single Arm Swing

From the same basic position, hold the dumbbell in one hand. Keep your arm straight with the weight between your legs and slightly squatting. Next, swing the weight up over your head (and stand straight up at the same time) while maintaining control of the swing the whole time. The key here is to NOT just swing the weight but to CONTROL THE SWING.

Dumbbell High Pull

This exercise is very similar to what you just did, the difference is, is instead of swinging the weight, you do an upright row with one arm.

One-Leg, Single Arm Row

Just as the title would suggest, you are balanced on one leg (the opposite leg of the arm with the dumbbell) and you are bent over at the waist so that the other leg and the rest of your body are parallel to the ground. Then start rowing the dumbbell to your side.

Diagonal Press

Next with your feet positioned one in front of the other *almost* in a runners pose but standing straight up. Diagonally press the dumbbell, as if you were trying to punch the corner of the ceiling in front of you.

Switch arms of the dumbbell that you are holding. Now we gotta do the other side.

  • Around The World
  • Single Arm Swing
  • Dumbbell High Pull
  • One-Leg, Single Arm Row
  • Diagonal Press

45 Second Rest

Grab a heavier dumbbell

Round 5 – Round 5 is done on the ground

Twisting Floor Press

Start out by lying on your back with your quads up and knees bent (like you’re sitting on a chair). Next with the dumbbell in one hand, lift the arm straight up while planting the opposite elbow on the ground.  Next, press the weight across and up over the opposite shoulder lifting up as high as you can possibly go. Try and get your head and lower back off the ground. Halfway through the exercise, switch pressing arms.

Half Get-Up

Still lying on your back, extend your legs on the ground, switch back to the first arm you worked out. Next lift the dumbbell straight up in the air. Now just as the exercise would suggest you will start your half get up by shifting the weight to the opposite side of the dumbbell (keep your balance) onto your elbow and up and onto your butt, bring your feet in as if you are going to “get-up” but stop right there and slowly lower your body to the starting position. This is a REALLY kick ass core workout that I have never done!!! Halfway through the allotted time period, switch sides.

Grab both of your dumbbells

Prone Alternating Dumbbell Row

This is just a simple plank position with alternating dumbbell row. Nothing fancy here.

Cool Down

Again it’s very strange that the cool down is not really a continuation, the video breaks, then you see GSP in different clothes.

The cool down consists of a few stretches like most good workout videos. Do not skip these they are just as important as the workout itself. If this is the first time you have visited my website, I do not include what is done in the cool down stretch.


I know I didn’t give any type of time that you should be doing these and that is on purpose. Honestly, if you are serious about this just go buy the video. I can find it pretty easily for about $10-$11 SHIPPED here in the United States.

My gripe about this video is GSP really doesn’t talk during the video. It’s really Erik Owings doing the whole thing. I think the purpose of this video was to use GSP’s name to sell more copies, GSP get a cut of the revenues, and everybody is happy, except you. I wanted to hear Georges cuss me out in French because I KNOW that I am getting cussed out but have no idea what the heck he is talking about, and I am just left staring at the screen with a retarded / exhausted look on my face as he walks out of the room and turns off the lights…that would have been perfect!

There are a few more thing that I could point out, like the transition from exercise to exercise is not really smooth, the dialogue seems choppy in places and other minor things like that, but none of that really matters since overall the information is quality and decent.

Normally, I would tell you where to get this video. However, due to our new governor Jerry Brown here in the great state of California; they somehow think that taxing affiliates on the money they make from affiliate product sales will somehow raise capital for this broke ass state of California. How exactly taxing people money for sales helps bring in money that will help over the long-haul of California’s future especially during this depressi…recession is mind boggling to me. That is the equivalent of vacuuming your magic carpet in the middle of a desert storm.

4 out of 5 Charles Faces

This concludes my post on Georges St. Pierre Rushfit Strength and Endurance Workout.

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