This post is on my experience drinking Kombucha tea.


Every few months there is a new miracle elixir that somehow our ancestors forgot about, but miraculously some company has bottled it and mixed it with whatever expensive strange fruit from some far exotic land then will charge you $4.99 for it. However, due to governmental regulations, the company cannot make any health benefit claims, but tell you that they know of people who say that it has cured their sinus infection – which actually means they just blew the snot out of their noses. I seriously wonder if somewhere in Antarctica there is a company selling the locals the “Apple Juice Extreme X with LiMilk” with the tagline “The Miracle Juice your great grandparents drank that has been lost for 2000 years now fortified with Lime Juice and Milk! Friend us on Facebook.com/AppleXtreme”.


Well, on my excursion to Weaverville, I stopped at the local supermarket and picked up a bottle of Gingerberry Synergy that was “on sale” for $2.99.

So what the heck is Kombucha?

Kombucha in drinkable form is an acidic tea. More importantly, drinkable kombucha is fermented tea that should be less than 2.5 on the pH scale. If you have been reading my website for any length of time, then you will know about what pH is and what are the effects on your body.  If not, go check out the post. Even more importantly “real” Kombucha tea is fermented which means it contains 1-2% alcohol and here in California you need to be over 21 to purchase it. But I don’t drink so I bought the pansy non-alcoholic version that has under 0.5% alcohol.

What does it taste like?

It tastes like chicken . . . . I mean it tastes like watered down carbonated vinegar with some sweet stuff in there. I had the Synergy with GingerBerry…seriously what the heck is a ginger berry? It is very much an acquired taste. Julie couldn’t even finish her cranberry version. She definitely did not ‘acquire’ the taste for it.

Who is it marketed to?

Here in the United States, mainly young people who either work at Starbucks as a barista, or someone who lives in a metropolitan area, works at a tech company and wants to “get in touch with nature.” Come on; don’t even act like you don’t know who these people are.

I bought this stuff up in the Trinity Alps of Weaverville. Honestly a true hippy will either brew it themselves or would never shop at a place that actually sells this stuff, like Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck). And at $4.99 retail, a true hippy would rather buy a nickel sack of weed.

Does it work?

Who knows, but based on what I know about pH balance and its effects on my body I would say NO. In my American diet culture I have enough exposure to acidic foods. I also know that a slightly alkaline body is a healthy body. I bet you were thinking that I became one with my surrounding, got a tribal tattoo on my arm, and took up spirtual Yoga. Nope, not I said the cat…not I.

This concludes my post on drinking Kombucha.

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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    • Mike

      I had a taste of that Synergy drink the other day, I thought it tasted fine, I can see how you think it taste like vinegar, it sort of does.

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