Why arent Black people buying electric carsRecently Jalopnik published an article entitled Why arent Black people buying electric cars.

Why arent Black people buying electric cars

Jalopnik is a pretty huge car blog. I read it every now and then, mainly for the ridiculous headlines that they produce and the pretty cool wallpapers they throw up that I never download.

Anyway, in typical blog fashion, Jalopnik will hire a writer or find an article about why a particular group would do or not do something. In this case it’s….wait for it, why do “black people do…”. Pretty much anytime that white people try and figure out Black America and they will usually group in Latino America in with that group to a lesser extent. In this case it’s “Why aren’t Black people buying electric cars?” And just like any other “government” study, they will say something to the effect of “due to lack of education, cost, and blah, blah, blah we believe the African American population will…” And in typical fashion, oh so prestigious government or institution of higher learning, you – are – wrong!

The researchers have concluded that lack of enthusiasm from people of color in the alternative fueled vehicle revolution has to do with a combination of cost, education and attainability.” This is a quote lifted directly from the Jalopnik article. In other words what this really says is: “The researchers do not know why black people do not conform to our white people level of horseshit. We have told you black people that oil is bad, there is global warming and we are doing everything in our power to pump propaganda down your black throats to believe us; therefore, it must be because you are stupid, have no money, and/or  you want to drive your $1500 Buicks on $10,000 24” rims instead … yeah, that’s it, yeah that’s it, lets get out of here Phillip the first round of Stella Artois is on me.”

The article also goes on about the prestige of other cars such as the Cadillac, BMW and Mercedes, which is all more BS that they came up with. Here is a direct quote from the same article: “Unfortunately for vehicles like the Prius, the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf, the overall design doesn’t seem to denote high strength and high self-esteem.   In short, a Prius with its bugged-eyes and hunched-back are aesthetically challenged.  Technically, it is not really the vehicle-makers fault as the body on the Prius has to be shaped that way to package the battery inside the passenger compartment behind the rear seat to keep the battery cool.  However, for drivers, particularly African-American, who see a vehicle as an extension of our (editors note: Our?!? Is the guy writing this Black?, any Black American that has ever actually been to Africa will know without a shadow of a doubt that he/she is NOT African-American, but Black American, or more simply American) personality, driving around in a Prius just doesn’t seem to promote the images as successful and strong as a Mercedes or a BMW.” This is basically BS. While there is a sect of the black population that will go out and buy these cars (BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes), that Black American sect is usually the same that could go into any one of those respective dealerships and write a check for $150,000 MSRP without even breaking a sweat. The other Black sect “mostly young black people” are those who want those cars and will usually buy them used for “30G’s”on credit, and for the most part have ZERO business buying any car over $5000. (My dad, who has the money to buy almost any BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Toyota Prius or Nissan Leaf, recently bought a $17,000 Hyundai Elantra.)

How do I come to this conclusion?

Because as a black person, I know what it’s like to live in white America; however, white America cannot live in black America. Intuitively we (black people) don’t believe a thing that “you” have to say. Intuitively most black people do not believe in Global Warming and intuitively black people know that oil prices are BS. This is not to say that other cultural groups in America do not have the same intuition, but it is to say that we also know that we (black people) have a very profound effect on the American culture through music, sports, entertainment, speech and politics. We know this because we represent about 15% of the population here in America.

Why arent Black people buying electric cars

What White America Wants.

A significant amount of time and money is spent by corporations to figure out not what Black America wants, (because honestly they could care less what we want) but what White America wants. To figure out what White America wants, they must go through Black America first. Who buys 90% of “black music”? White America. Who buys 90% of overpriced sports apparel? White America. Oprah, up until the time she retired, “owned” the talk show industry, and who watched her? Our measly 15% population would never pull in the kind of numbers she did by ourselves. Who has the very best day time “court” TV shows? Judge Joe Brown and Judge Greg Mathis – shall I continue, fine. Why was the “black vote” so important to the passing of “Proposition 8” here in California? Why was gay discrimination equated to black slavery in their campaigns? Why is the only person on the current revised USPS homepage a black woman? All of this is done because Black America represents the pulse of America.

Electric Cars

Toyota, GM, or Nissan could care less if they sell an electric car to any black person; but they also know that the electric car will never become “hot” until they see Lil Wayne drive a Nissan Leaf in his next Cristal champagne poppin video. Lil Wayne won’t be driving a GM Volt unless the majority of us “bottom line” black people give his ass the OK.

The “researchers” for these major corporations who try and sell us AMERICANS (White, Black, Asian, and Latino) could care less what the small fraction of Americans buy. Think about this: If you owned a car factory, would you care that out of 100 cars you sold; only 3 were sold to black people? I doubt it, I wouldn’t. But if you knew that you could sell 200 cars if those 3 gave you the word that it’s now officially “cool” to drive your cars, I bet you would spend almost any amount of money to make that happen.

Is my article conceited? On one hand, absolutely – on the other hand, definitely not. Black America represents the real pulse of America; the exiled group of people that has been hated because they were born with the “wrong” skin color; but due to their (our) own circumstance, has created their own global “Cotton Club” that now controls what is considered “hot or not”.

This concludes my article on Why arent Black people buying electric cars.

Charles Lloyd
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