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Why you need to become a Beachbody Coach

People who come to my website see the link over in the navigation bar that says “Yes! I want to be a Team Beachbody Coach” or they click the link on the top of my page entitled Beachbody Videos to see what the program is all about. For some reason, however, these same people think that if you sign up to become a Beachbody Coach then you are “supposed to” try and sell their stuff. WRONG. Most of the people who read my site are NOT interested in becoming salesmen/women – 100% understand that part. But for some reason they will still buy products from Beachbody! BAD! Here is the reason why.

When I say you should sign up to become a Beachbody Coach, it’s not really for my benefit, it’s for yours. I WILL make a commission if you just visit my Beachbody Store and you pay full retail price for whatever fitness program, Shakeology, or workout gear you buy from there. This is a fact. But I also understand that most people don’t care about me getting a commission check, because it’s not my visitor’s responsibility to make sure that Charles Lloyd gets fed at night. This is also a fact. Here is the reason why you need to become a Beachbody Coach. This is also a Facebook conversation I recently had with Kevin Jacobson, one of my new people that I Coach through Beachbody.


“Ok, I got cha, then it shouldn’t be a problem to order from me then. Reason why I ask is not for you to become a salesman, but for you to save some money. Have a look at this: If I was to buy personally the P90X Peak Results Package it would cost me $202.28 for you to buy the program from me cost $269.70. That’s $67 bucks pocketed! And if you use like Shakeology which cost you $119.95 it cost me $89.96, that’s another $30! Yeah, I will make a commission on the stuff I sell, but im not in this game just to take people’s money, I actually give a damn about people’s fitness and health…”

Why you need to become a Beachbody Coach

So let’s summarize this – the reason you need to become a Beachbody Coach is not because I want you to become a salesman, it’s because you get a 25% discount on EVERYTHING, which amounts to a HUGE savings – for you. The statement I made to Kevin above is true. Here are a couple of screen shots directly from my view – there is no trick photography or Photoshop involved.

This first screen shot is taken of the Shakeology program. Normally Shakeology runs $119.95; however, the price that you will pay as a Beachbody Coach is $89.86…Savings total $29.99 per bag! Most people who go on Shakeology end up doing the program for about a year which would equate to a total savings of $359.88, or basically the cost of three full bags of Shakeology at full retail! However…I get that you are also smart, so what does the “smart” person do? Go check out eBay and see that “Oh I can get the stuff off eBay for $100, and think great deal!” WRONG again.

  • What recourse does a person have if they get a fraudulent bag?
  • Who do you tell if you drink some and get sick?

And believe me Shakeology is popular enough that there are PLENTY of bad copies containing mercury, lead and all kinds of other crap – this is more or less the internet society’s version of flying  to Costa Rica to get plastic surgery just to save a few dollars. And just a few words to the wise from a person in the fitness industry, if you are in the United States NEVER, EVER, buy any type of product that you are putting INTO your body out of a flea market, which does not come from the factory itself or an authorized retailer. You would think people would use some common sense when it comes to health but…I guess not. It’s the equivalent of trying to refill your muscle relaxer medication off a “$4.99 Buy It Now with Free Shipping eBay auction.”

Here is the second picture. Let’s say you wanted to buy the P90X Peak Results Package. If you bought the package at full retail it would cost you $269.70; however, if you were a Team Beachbody Coach the same exact thing would cost only $202.28 – a savings of $67.42! So let’s just plug in the same situation from above where you think you’ll just save some money and buy the thing off eBay. WRONG again!

If you are already in shape there is pretty much no point in buying P90X, because you ALREADY KNOW HOW TO WORKOUT AND EAT. The majority of people who buy P90X DO NOT KNOW HOW TO WORKOUT OR EAT Properly, which is why when you buy P90X from Beachbody  you are assigned a COACH (me) to help you get in shape. P90X shows you how to do exercises, it does not keep you motivated long term to lose weight and keep the weight off (you need a coach to do that; you need more motivation (you need a coach to do that); and after all that motivation you still need even more motivation (YOU NEED A COACH TO DO THAT); and once you get sick of motivation you need even more motivation from being over motivated + you need guidance on how to eat. You get none of that for buying the program off of eBay, Craigslist, or by borrowing a copy from your friend at work. No DVD or video will do that; no DVD or video will tell you what exactly YOU need to do to obtain your goal.

When you become a coach from my website, I become your “sponsor” meaning I have the same responsibility I would if you were assigned to me from Beachbody, AND YOU SAVE MONEY. Honestly it’s really no different than becoming a Costco member. I love me some Costco, but do I plan on opening up a liquor store? No. Do I plan on opening up a candy store? No. Do I plan on giving the 1000 birthday cards away that they sell in bulk, yeah….eventually.  The point is I became a Costco member because they have some kick ass deals that aren’t available elsewhere and I am willing to pay the $50 per year just for the normal membership. It’s really no different than this. You can pay full price at Target for your Charmin toilet paper, or you can buy 600 rolls that will last you for a year and a half and pay only 70% of what Target sells it for. It simply makes no since to do it any other way.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t become a Beachbody Coach right now. NONE. Sign up RIGHT NOW by clicking the link below. If you are military or work a non-profit then it free!

This concludes my post on Why you need to become a Beachbody Coach.

Charles Lloyd
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