10 Minute Trainer Total Body ReviewThis post is a  10 Minute Trainer Total Body Review.

10 Minute Trainer Total Body Review

Alright folks this is total body, not half body, or even body parts. Today for 10 minutes we are going to hit everything.

Warm-Up – So this is NOT a part of the 10 minutes that is allocated each day to do these workouts, but it’s only 2 minutes, so deal with it:P Now the first thing I would ask is can you really get warmed up in 2 minutes? Nope. Well let me rephrase that, you can get warmed up if you kill yourself for 2 minutes straight in some big time cardio or weight lifting, otherwise no.  In fact, recognized fitness guidelines state a warm up should be between 8-12 minutes. But my guess is that these videos are designed for people who “haven’t worked out in a while,” so for this target audience the warm up and workout is good enough.  If anything, 10-Minute Trainer is more of a gateway drug to other programs. I am not going to talk about it here, but it’s definitely something you need to do prior to this workout.

Do I sound mean or harsh? Good, because I take what I do, peoples lives, and improvement of YOUR LIFE…VERY SERIOUSLY, and in a lot of cases more serious than some/most of the people reading this post.

Ok so here is the deal:

  • 10 Moves in 10 Minutes

You don’t have an excuse to not workout anymore; everybody has 10 minutes. Really, isn’t it better to make the 10 minutes now instead of waiting until the doctor tells you “Yeah, um Mr./Mrs. Whoever, the test results have come back and I am afraid to tell you…. “ In other words, get in shape, or you are going to lose everything! As a former health insurance agent, I can tell you that working out is a lot better and cheaper than a triple bypass surgery due to years of neglect and “not having enough time – not even 10 minutes.” I am not telling you this for my benefit. If you are going to read this website, at least use what I am telling you for the betterment of your life. My advice here is free; I’m not free in person.  And surgery is definitely not free.

Stuff you need:

  • Resistance Bands
  • Water
10 Minute Trainer Chuck Ups
10 Minute Trainer Chuck Ups #1

Chuck Ups – Chuck Ups are simple push-ups with your fingers spread out towards your sides. Have a look at the picture below. Here the girl Gretchen is doing push-ups on her toes; however, if you do not have the strength to do them this way, then do them on your knees. The key to push-ups is proper form. A lot of girls at Julie’s FIIT camp have atrociously weak upper bodies. What amazes me as a guy is how women can spend HOURS in front of a mirror getting all dolled up on the outside, but are physically weak, yet they want a strong man. Here is a hint for all you woman: the guy that you are looking for who is strong in all areas that you want him to be strong in DOES NOT LIKE A WEAK WOMAN. And for you guys, if you want a strong woman in your corner, you better be 10x stronger than her because a strong woman will eat you alive then leave.

Anyway as I say in all my reviews, form is 100x more important than reps.Five solid Chuck-Ups is better than 20 half-ass ones. Proper form in this form of push-up is a completely flat back, your butt ain’t up in the air, nor are your hips sagging, and your navel is pulled into

10 Minute Trainer Chuck Ups 2
10 Minute Trainer Chuck Ups #2

your spine. A complete flat back with your hands underneath your shoulders is proper form for this exercise. Do this for the allotted time period.

  • Next point your fingers forward (like in the picture) and continue for the allotted time period.
  • Next go into a wide arm push-up (like in the picture) and continue for the allotted time period.

Switch Grip Lawnmower – This is a good back exercise. Position yourself like the girl in the picture below, then twist your wrist as you pull in towards your sides. Proper form is to pick a weight/band that you can control the whole time with both contraction and retraction. The last few should BE HARD. If they are not, then the amount of weight is not enough. If you can’t make it to the last few then pick a lighter weight.

  • After the allotted time, speed up.
  • Halfway through switch sides.
  • After the allotted time, speed up.
10 Minute Trainer Chuck Ups 3
10 Minute Trainer Chuck Ups #3

Corkscrew-Military Press – A regular military press is simply having two weights in your hands and over your shoulders then push those weight/bands straight up and down. For the corkscrew-military press, you start out with one foot off the floor, press straight up over your head and then bring the weights down past your shoulders to the center of your chest. In the weightlifting world these are called swimmer presses, because you go down further than your shoulders to the center of your chest. You will make Greg Louganis proud.

  • Halfway through you switch standing legs.

Crazy Eights – We just did these yesterday remember? If not, here is the excerpt from yesterdays postStarting out in a half squat just like you see Tony in the picture below. Next you will want to curl your left arm and hold it there (this is called an isometric hold or iso hold) and do full curls with the other arm. These are called Crazy Eights because you are doing repetitions (reps) of eight on both sides. Both sides count as one set.” The only difference here is that instead of the band being attached to the door it is underneath your legs

  • Halfway through switch your iso holding arm. The actual video does a different sequence than what I am saying here. You will notice it when you see it.

Tricep Kickback Throws – Again another workout from yesterday’s post. Check it out “Get into a lunge position as you see Tony in the picture below. Next you want to have your shoulders and elbows parallel to the ground (you want to hold this position) now “kickback” the bands so that your “whole” arm becomes parallel to the ground.

Throw – For the throw exercise, position yourself as you see Tony in the picture below. This time you will “glue” your bicep to your ears, then moving only from your elbows squeeze your triceps (behind your bicep muscle) into pulling the weight over your head and back again. For both of these exercises make sure you control the weight throughout the range-of-motion, meaning don’t just jerk the bands over your head, but control the bands or “weight” over and behind your head.” Again the only difference is you are stepping on the weight versus having the weight suspended from the door frame. Also remember to CONTROL the weight and not let the weight control you.

  • Switch lunging legs halfway through the exercise.

10 Minute Trainer Total Body Review

Band Crunch – Next get into one of your favorite positions…on your back. But before you do that, wrap the bands around your legs like the picture below. Now with your arms wide, you are doing what is called a “negative” crunch meaning that most of the exertion will be coming from the negative position, meaning the move back down instead of the crunch up. For this exercise make sure your knees are bent and the band “weight” is on the outside of your knees. In the video Tony shows how to do this exercise without the bands. Check it out.

Cyclone – This sounds like a bitch if I don’t say so myself, but it’s actually easy yet very effective if you do it correctly. First, stand straight up then lift your arms straight up. Then bending only at your stomach and using your abs only, twist your upperbody around like a cyclone. The absolute key is to only use your abs for the entire duration of the exercise. Have a look at the picture below and notice where she is bending. Again the key to this exercise is to have everything below your stomach ABSOLUTELY STILL.

  • Start out going clockwise, then go counter clockwise

Rocking ISO Lunge – As the title would suggest you want to start out with a band under your front leg and get into a lunge with the bands positioned as if you are doing military presses. Next you want to lean forward, then lean back, do a slight squat (up and down), then military press, simple as that. If done correctly you will feel, legs, shoulders, hamstrings, core working.

  • Halfway through switch lunging legs

Deep Seats – Now with both legs together and the band positioned under both feet, get the bands positioned as if you are going to be doing military presses again. Now start squatting. For this exercise, going fast or slow both are acceptable, by doing either fast or slow you will be engaging either fast or slow twitch muscle fibers. Ideally, you will want to do both, but depending on your genetic disposition your body will prefer one or the other. As with any squat you will want your chest up and your knees over your ankles. I have found that most people who are new to squats of any kind will tend to arch their back and push their knees forward over their toes…THAT’S BAD. The best way to get your form correct when you are doing these is to keep your back straight, push your butt back by hinging the hips backwards like you are going to sit on a chair or go to the bathroom in the woods, and put your weight in the heels of your feet. Lifting your toes off the ground can sometimes help as well. NEVER, EVER, EVER, let your knees go out over the front of your toes.

  • Halfway through switch to wide leg squats with the bands still underneath you. (There is a 3rd position to try in the video that is pretty good also)

Carlito Push-Ups – Every time I think of Carlito Push-Ups I think of some old Italian guy eating a big old plate of spaghetti and one of his informants comes in to give the boss some “bad news” about one of his rookie new guys. I hear him say in an old dreary smokers voice say “Makea’  hima’ doa’ 25 Carlito Push Up’s” and the guy is standing there wondering what the heck Carlito Push-Ups are and all you hear is laughter in the background but can see no faces. Anyway that was for free. Carlito Pushups are modified burpees.

  • Stage one – Start out standing straight up. Then drop down as if you are about to do a push up, then walk one foot back, then the other foot back. Don’t do a push up. Then reverse the order.
  • Stage two – Starting out like you did in stage one, instead of walking your feet back, jump your feet back, then add a push-up.
  • Stage three – Is just like stage two, but you jump back from the standing position. These are burpees.
  • The different stages are for people of varying levels of fitness.


If you only have 10 Minutes this video and yesterday’s video alone are worth the price of admission. If you have any questions about this video or any other review I have done. Feel free to hit me up.

5 out of 5 Charles Faces'
5 out of 5 Charles Faces'

This is definitely a 5 out of 5 Charles Face video!


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This concludes my post on 10 Minute Trainer Total Body Review.

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