The Balancing ActThis post is a video blog on The Balancing Act. The people speaking are Dave and Monica Ward Founding Coaches here at Team Beachbody. Monica is my Team Beachbody sponsor and awesome woman!

The Balancing Act

Only spend time on the things that matter. Learn how to align your priorities and principles with the actions that will help you be successful, while making time for what’s important in your life. Find out how the experts plan their schedules to create maximum fulfillment in four key areas: spiritual, emotional, physical, and wealth (both financial and mental).

The Balancing Act

Align your priorities, principles, and activities: When you know what’s important, decision making becomes easy.

Create a plan and decide how you’ll spend your time: Are the action items in line with your priorities?

Schedule your time and get things done: How to use your calendars for maximum results and plenty of fun.

Turn up the Volume, the acoustics at the MGM were bad and I was standing in the back of the room!


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This concludes my post on The Balancing Act.

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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