The Power Of OneThis is a video blog from the Team Beachbody Summit entitled: The Power of One.

The Power Of One

This is really for other Beachbody Coaches, but it will also give those who want some insight into what we do this will shead the light on the kind of people Beachbody Coaches are.

***My battery died during the presentation so this has some split parts in it towards the middle***
If you want to lead 1,000 Coaches, start by leading one. In this workshop you’ll learn how to harness the power of duplication to experience phenomenal business and team growth. Get your entire team focused and moving in the same direction by following a simple process.


The Power Of One

  • Modeling: Become a role model by working your business and gaining credibility so you can “walk the talk.”
  • Mentoring: Share your experience and knowledge with your team to build a system that duplicates and keeps everyone on the same track.
  • Mastering:Be and expert at connecting, enrolling, and training, which creates the foundation for your entire team to succeed.

This concludes this video post on The Power Of One.

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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