How To Fix Your Door Pull-up Bar For 2 Dollars How To Fix Your Door Pull-up Bar For 2 Dollars

Ok so we are going to talk about how to fix your door pull-up bar for 2 dollars. You know whats crappier than the those door pull-up bars, that you either paid $20 or $60 dollars for depending on where you bought it from…for the exact same pull-up bar? The actual foam that they use on the bar that’s what. I think somewhere in China they went out of their way to find the worse foam they possibly could. They they had a meeting this is how it went down:

” 這種泡沫是非常糟糕 “


How To Fix Your Door Pull-up Bar For 2 Dollars

For those unfamiliar with google translate this means:

Some Q.A. guy in China: “Nothing is worse than than this foam on these pull-up bars we are going to sell to Amazon Prime customers! Muahahahaha! All the Yuan belongs to us!

So yeah the foam on my pull-up bar is pretty bad and I was looking around google and found all kinds of stuff, but no real answer other than go to Home Depot and get some foam stuff and viola!

This is what I did. I went to my local Lowes! Because….well going to Lowes is the equivalent of going to Target, while going to Home Depot is like going to Wal-Mart, Ill pay the extra 4 cents.

IMG_3771 IMG_3772 IMG_3773 IMG_3774

How To Fix Your Door Pull-up Bar For 2 Dollars

I paid exactly $2.01 for this 6 foot tubing insulation. Its the 3/4in X 6ft Self Sealing Tubing Insulation. Don’t be a cheap ass and buy the non-self sealing stuff, all this is going to do is create extra work with you having to tape it down, or just fall off when you are trying to get that work in. Also forget the bike handle bar grip stuff, you need padding for grip strength when you are doing pull-ups and this stuff is meant to be used/removed then replaced at least once a year, or whenever your foam gets disgusting again. I used all of mine except for about 2 and half feet.

Now go to Lowes and get busy! Later

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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    • Emanuel Dysangco

      Terrific advice and awesome article! Big thank you. God Bless

    • Rachel Demascal

      Did you take the bolts out and slip the foam tubing onto the bar?
      Is there a way to get the foam on without disassembling the pullup bar?

    • Charles Lloyd

      Yes I disassembled the bar. Thanks for dropping by

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