Insanity Asylum Overtime - Review

This post is a review of Insanity Asylum Overtime.

Insanity Asylum Overtime

Coming in at just over 13 minutes, this is the shortest workout of the whole Insanity Asylum series. This quick workout is not meant to be done as a standalone workout, it is meant to complement another workout in this series, or any other workout you have done and want just a tad extra.

Don’t bother doing this workout if you haven’t done at least a few of the other workouts in the series; you will be lost in the terminology and won’t have a clue of the intensity you need to do these correctly.

And because it assumes you are already warmed up, none of the normal workout structure applies here either.

Stuff you need:

  • Agility Ladder
  • Speed Rope
  • Chin-up Bar

Scissor Runs – This was taken from a different Asylum workout. Just like the other videos, these are straight leg scissors while running in place. Be sure you get that heel into the ground, and your back straight. Remember when you are working out with these workouts or any other workout, form trumps pretty much anything else you are doing.

Split Squat Sprint – Continuing with your scissor runs, you will immediately go into your Split Squat Sprint. This maneuver is basically the same as the scissor runs you were just doing, but you are now pumping your arms (just like your high school track coach told you) at double 90 degree angles from your head, AND you are doing a run squat at the same time. Run squats are EXACTLY what they sound like; the key here is the actual squat position. I am not a fan of the way they do them in the video because what is done in the video is not an actual squat. I prefer to go further down into an almost plyometric lunge since it’s a much better transition into the next exercise. You will know exactly what I am talking about once you do the workout in the video. For the purposes of this review; however, just follow what he does.

Split Squat – Here is where we do a full plyometric lunge. You have to have some decent leg strength to do a full plyometric lunge because you are jumping from the bottom, which is what gives you explosive power. Be sure you are still pumping your arms as part of your form.

Split Squat Touch – The only difference here is you really can’t cheat because you have to touch the ground (alternating hands) every time you go down in your plyometric lunge. Try and get your knee down as far as you can to avoid tweaking your back, if you aren’t paying attention to form here, you will in a hurry because you can do some serious damage to your back and knees if you screw this up.

Mountain Climber Clap Switch – Assume that lovely mountain climber position. The only difference between this and normal mountain climbers is that you SLOW down with these, and just as the name suggests, you clap your hands every time your legs switch.  So, all you have to do is push yourself off the ground and clap…while in the mountain climber position. The key here is you will not be touching the ground AT ALL for a split second while you are clapping and switching your legs at the same time. If this sounds like a lot, it is. I also suggest that if you haven’t done the “regular” Insanity series, I HIGHLY suggest you start there first, the ASYLUM is for crazy people. 😛

Floor- Up Decoy Split Jumps – This is another exercise used from a previous workout. Start out on one knee in a kneeling runners pose. Now jumping FROM THE BOTTOM, jump straight up and scissor kick in the air, landing in the same position in which you started. Half way through…SWITCH LEGS.

Quick 15 second water break

Stationary Bear Crawl – Starting out in a bear crawl position with one leg up, drop and do a tricep pushup, when you come out of the pushup, jump and switch legs so the other leg will be in the air, drop and do another pushup. Continue for the allotted time period. If you mess up your form here you will immediately know it, so concentrate and know your limits.

Insanity Asylum Overtime

Quick 15 second water break

Floor – Up Power Jumps – Start in the same position as your Floor – Up Decoy Split Jumps. The difference here is instead of scissor kicking your legs, you will bring BOTH of your knees up to hip level and touch them with your hands just like you would with a regular power jump. Halfway through switch forward jumping leg.

Water Break

Tricep Push – Ups / Hover – This is a brand new exercise that has not been covered thus far. This exercise is fairly simple to explain but difficult to do when you are tired. Start out by doing 5 regular tricep pushups, when you go down to do a 6th stay in the lower/hover plank position with your arms glued to your sides then hover your feet 90 degrees to your left; or a better way to explain this is to walk your feet to the left until your body is 90 degrees from the starting position. Then do another 5 tricep pushups, on your 6th again from the lower/hover position go back to your starting position. Again do another 5 tricep pushups, and then rotate 90 degrees to your right, then again do another 5 tricep push-ups, but after this time do a 180 degree turn so that if you had a body double you would be facing yourself. This was by far the hardest exercise for me since my upper body pushup strength straight up sucks! Put it this way, I would rather do weighted single leg iron chairs than this.

Water Break

*Go get your agility ladder

Single Leg Push – Ups / Jump – I don’t think we have done this exercise either.  Starting from a single leg plank on one end of your agility ladder, you will do a regular single leg walking push-up going across your agility ladder; however, for each rung you do a pushup in you will jump on the same (one) leg inside the rung of the ladder (keeping your balance the whole time, this is where you use your core as stabilizer muscles).  After you catch your balance, jump back out and continue with your single leg pushups. When you reach one end of the ladder, switch balancing legs.

*Go get your jump rope

Double Speed Jump Rope – Yeah, haul some serious ass while you are jumping rope – yes double speed really means double SPEED.

DONE!! No not really

Lat Pull–Ups / Push-Ups – These are simple straight up wide grip pull-ups with your palms facing away from you. When you complete 10 pull-ups, drop and get in 25 pushups.

Now you are really done.


Overall overtime delivers what it is supposed to; the hardest part for me was the triceps push-ups and the final 25 pushups. If you do this workout as a standalone workout, then it completely sucks. If you do this as an addendum to another workout, then it kicks all kinds of ass.

I give this workout  4 out of 5 Charles Faces, only because a supplemental workout at this level should be 15 to 17 minutes.

This concludes my post on Insanity Asylum Overtime.

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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    • Speed Jump Rope

      the stuffs required to keep your body fit are very nice……..
      Even the exercises which have been told are good……

    • samantha

      Yeah just ordered “the Asylum” and “hip hop abs”… I saw them on tv at like 4am on one my MANY bouts with insomnia and thought they look like so much fun… I already did insanity and p90x2… in my second challenge group now (hybrid workout combining them both)… will finish that challenge up in about 2 weeks… I am sick in the head because I cannot wait to start these workouts!!

    • Charles Lloyd

      Samantha, are you a coach? I just emailed ya!

    • Paul

      Are you out of your mind! You really think it needs to be longer? This is what gets me the most about what people think. Longer is not better necessarily. I could design a workout that would last 4 minutes that would have you on the ground crying to your mommy, but we all know that would not sell. If anything in my opinion the Overtime is overkill. That Game Day workout is no joke. It is plenty effective on its own. Don’t get me wrong I think the workout is awesome. It pushes me really hard and when I did Overtime it was pathetic. I was so tired I could not do the ground switch kicks to save my life. Personally I say give me the most intensity in a shorter workout. I will take that over a longer workout any day of the week. That being said Insanity Asylum is awesome. My favorite workout program I have done by Beachbody by far. It keeps me engaged the entire time. I don’t ever get bored and it is my style of training. I am really looking forward to Volume 2. From what I hear that program is more intense than Insanity Asylum Volume 1. By the way your reviews are great. I know what it takes to cover as much as you do so I really appreciate your dedication. Are you looking forward to Volume 2?

    • Charles Lloyd

      Oh heck yeah, AS SOON AS the pre-order is available im on it.

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