You are a walking billboard - Why are you giving away money?In this post we are going to discuss You are a walking billboard – Why are you giving away money?

You are a walking billboard – Why are you giving away money?

The global economy sucks, some people don’t have jobs, some are upside down in their homes, and many others are filing bankruptcy. So the question is since You are a walking billboard – Why are you giving away money?

But there is a flip side to this; Apple Computer company based just about two hours from where I am writing this post has A LOT of money, and when I say A LOT I really mean A LOT. The last report I heard back in April said they had something like $110 Billion dollars in CASH reserves. With all that money you would think that they would at least share a bit with its users, not its stock holders, but the people who actually use and promote Apple products. Tons of people have the newest iPhones, iPads, iPods and a zillion other “I” devices. People talk about these products for free, give them free press, and tell all their Facebook buddies that they have the newest “I” device. And Apple computer does not send them a single dime. As a matter of a fact I had to argue with my dentist today (a diehard apple fanboi) because he’s constantly telling me how great Apple products are. Dr. Wong is a dyed in the wool Apple nut. Every time I go in there I consistently remind him that Apple should be sending him a monthly check for his patriotism. He is basically a walking billboard for Apple products, not to mention a successful dentist. Apple sends him nothing.

Oil companies are making a grip right now, My Audi S4 takes premium unleaded and the gas light comes on when there is only 3 gallons of fuel left in its 21 gallon tank. Here in California the Shell station located at 3050 Zinfandel Drive on the corner of Zinfandel and White Rock charges me $4.35 per gallon (at least this week anyway). That’s dang near $80 to fill up my ride and believe me, this particular Shell station is not giving me a dime because I just mentioned their name in this post. Shell sends me no weekly check. That angers The Charles. I have bills to pay, Trader Joe’s food to buy, and a Vegas trip next month to pay for. Yet Shell sends me nothing.

What About You?

Chances are if you are reading this website you are interested in Health and Fitness. You may or may not be healthy and fit, but you are at least interested in it. Better still, based solely on the view count of my most popular post, you are a fan of Insanity or P90X. To narrow it down even further, you probably have done the program, are doing the program, or are at least currently in the process of doing one of those two programs. If you fall into even one of these categories, you are a walking billboard and not getting paid for it. If you are looking for reviews of a product, looking at YouTube videos and are actually doing the program, YOU KNOW that it works. If you have ever drunk Shakeology YOU KNOW it works. If you have ever had any contact with Beachbody you have a Beachbody Coach. Whether or not you actually hear from them is another story. The fact is you are here reading me from the top of my soap box.

Even if you got a bootleg copy of Insanity, P90X or any of Beachbody’s products, YOU KNOW they work. Even if you downloaded an illegal copy or torrent of any of those programs you know they work. If you have done any of these things, Why are you NOT A Beachbody Coach? You are crazy for not doing it.

You are a walking billboard – Why are you giving away money?

If you have done any of the aforementioned things you are straight up crazy for not being a Beachbody Coach. To me this is like robbing a bank for $1,000,000 (in unmarked/untraced non-sequential bills none the less) in cash but then living on the streets homeless with nothing to eat because you don’t want to spend the money! If you have lost weight with any of these products, gained strength or in any way shape or form then you are a walking, talking, billboard. And if you ever recommended the product to anyone, you are GIVING away money for FREE. Better yet you are either giving it to me or to one of the many Beachbody Coaches that are in the network. Let me be the first one to actually THANK YOU for the free money and the free advertising. I have hundreds of links pointing in from all over the Internet, with people I have never met  or even spoke to, yet they buy stuff right here from this website. Thank you but, NO, I’m not sending you jack for the free publicity. Every time you read one of these posts, like one of my pages, tweet one of my reviews, it improves my ranking in the search engines, thus making it easy for me to sell advertising to advertisers who want some of my traffic, thus making it easier for me to sell more stuff. Again, as much as I love you guys for sending me love, the only thing you are getting in return is some work I did in the past. I’m not sending a check, no free samples of anything, no free personal training sessions, no nothing. Thank you for being a billboard.

Why you are broke and have no money?

If the above makes any kind of sense don’t feel bad. People do it all day every day. I did it for about a year when I first started P90X, until I found out that the makers of this fitness programs that I use will actually pay you for being a walking, talking, billboard. In 2010, Beachbody made 10 people millionaires from doing what you are already doing: talking about how you got in better shape. Instead of giving money away to someone else, they kept it for themselves, which is exactly what I am doing here. This is especially true if you obtained an illegal copy of one of the programs. This would mean you are either too cheap to buy the program (unlikely, if you have any type of REAL money) or are too broke to pay for the program. If you are too broke to buy the program, you are broke because YOU GIVE AWAY MONEY WHEN YOU SHOULD BE KEEPING IT FOR YOURSELF. Let me repeat that again so even the skimmers will see it!


In other words: “You are getting what you are getting, because you are doing what you are doing.

This is a classic case of the rich getting richer, and the poor and the middle class getting poorer for supporting both classes. The middle class support us rich people by using our products and the poor people because that is the way society is setup.

A pile of money is staring you right in the face but you won’t pick it up because you think it must be some type of scam.

Beachbody is a $600 million dollar company that spends millions of dollars on advertising by way of: TV, radio, the internet, here on this website, on Amazon, everywhere. The company is listed in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Hall of Fame for having ZERO outstanding complaints. On a BBB scale of A+ – F, we are rated A+. We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you decide to be a Coach. We even have a bottom of the bag guarantee on Shakeology. That meas if you buy the product, use every drop of it, and decide that you don’t like it, all you have to do is spend the $1.68 to send the bag back to the company in Santa Monica, and they give you your money back!


If you are a coach Beachbody GIVES you customers. Meaning if you are a VERY, VERY low level coach, Beachbody uses the millions of dollars in advertising to GIVE you customers. Yep, FREE MONEY. So not only are you guys advertising for me and the thousands of other coaches, when someone does call, the company hands them out to us for doing absolutely nothing. If you use ANY Beachbody products, there is ZERO reason why you should be giving me money instead of keeping it for yourself.

How do you fix this?

It’s easy to fix, although 90 percent of the people who read this won’t do it, but then will complain about being broke. I know this because 10 percent of the people make 90 percent of the money. So you be the 10 percent and sign-up to be a Beachbody Coach through me. Why me? Because I am the only one who actually walks you through every nook and cranny of anything I write about. If you are reading this website, chances are you have read one of my Insanity or P90X reviews. You read them because they are HIGHLY ranked in ALL the search engines throughout the world. They are highly ranked because I cover EVERYTHING, tell you the good, the bad, what sucks, what is great, what’s not, I tell you my honest opinion even if it will ruffle feathers, and people trust me. I spoon feed you everything you need to know about making money on the internet with Beachbody. I am doing this because I want you to be healthy, and the best way to teach someone to be healthy is to have them show others how to be healthy.

QUIT GIVING MONEY AWAY and let’s get you started! ALL you have to do is either sign-up through the link below, and MAKE TRIPLE SURE you order Shakeology when you do. The whole thing will run you about $100+ and I WILL GET A HOLD OF YOU. Or email me. My email address is listed all over this website, or use [email protected] . Nobody can help you if you don’t help yourself.

This concludes my post on You are a walking billboard – Why are you giving away money?

Charles Lloyd
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