Exercise Ball Workouts

This is the first installment of my Ab Attack Series and Exercise Ball Workouts. This is the reverse V-up.


If you need a really good abdominal exercise, try this reverse V-up. In practice this is considered an intermediate abdominal exercise.

Exercise Ball Workouts

Muscles worked

  • Abdominal
  • Transverse Abdominal
  • In all honesty, although there are separate names for both of these Abdominal muscles, there are in fact apart of the same group. Think about it like, there were a bunch of people who had nothing else to do but come up with different names for muscles 😉


Auxiliary muscles worked

  • Obliques
  • Deltoids
  • Quadriceps
  • Triceps

Exercise Ball Workouts

Exercise Ball Workouts
Exercise Ball Workouts

This is my first post on Exercise Ball Workouts, and Exercise Ball Reverse V-Ups – Ab Attack Series.

The exercise is very easy to write about but very hard to do. You are working your core through balance.

    1. Get yourself on top of the ball belly down
    2. Slowly work yourself out on your hands so you are in the push-up position, with the tops of your feet and ankles directly on top of the ball.
    3. Place your hands at shoulder width apart.
    4. Stabilize yourself – This is very important be sure you have a good balance and you’re not wobbling.
    5. Once you are stabilized, pull your navel into your stomach as you use your abs to roll the ball towards your hands, keeping your legs straight.
    6. Always keep your back straight.
    7. Roll back out to complete one rep.


Here you have me and Julie doing the exercise. Notice the feet placement. Since I was too tall for the gym, my feet didn’t roll that much. You will also notice Julie’s feet have rolled  up on the ball.





Pay close attention to her feet placement in both pictures and her body alignment.


Thanks for looking at my Exercise Ball Workouts. 🙂

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