This video was kinda weird – it had some very high, high points like the Hip-flexor burners and the shoulder burners, but other parts were lame like the moving ski hops. Either way Insanity – Core Cardio and Balance works!

This workout incorporated a bunch of stuff you have already done in previous Insanity workouts and a couple of new exercises. On a scale of difficulty I would rate it about a 6 for most of the workout and 9’s for the shoulder burners and hip flexor burners, with a couple of 4’s, 7’s and 8’s mixed in….although it is a part of the “Recovery Week” that I talked about a couple of articles ago 😐

If you are new to my website and are curious about what Insanity is and what it’s about, then here is a short video on the program. This is a short workout at only 35 minutes or so.

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Insanity – Core Cardio and Balance

Insanity – Core Cardio and Balance


If you have been following my other Insanity reviews, then you know the general format of the videos: Warm-up, Stretch, Workout, Stretch.

  • Switch Heel Kicks – It’s just what it sounds like, you are pretending to jump rope while alternating your heels outwards. Make sure you are landing softly so you don’t mess up your back.
  • Mummy Kicks – We have done these previously in other workouts so you should be familiar with these
  • Football Shuffle – Just as you would see at any football camp where players are moving (shuffling) side to side and clapping at the end.
  • Log Jumps – Sprint, then jump over your imaginary log while in one place – Be sure to land softly and keep your core tight.
  • 8 High Knees / 8 Power Jacks – This is also incorporated from other workouts in the Insanity series – Make sure you get your knees up and you are doing full squats for your Power Jacks.
  • 8 Fast Feet / 8 Hooks – This exercise is sprinting for eight seconds, and then alternating your boxing 8 hooks. The key here is to focus on power when throwing you hooks. DONE. Warm-up complete now you are going to transition into stretching.

Stretching – Now that you have your warm-up done and your core temperature up you are going to stretch.

**In none of my reviews do I give the exact stretching sequence or the workout times because, when you are serious about getting in shape, you will order the program because it really works.

I give these reviews to show people that these are the real deal, and not BS that is just a bunch of TV hype.**

  • Water Break – 30 seconds – DO NOT SKIP WATER BREAKS. This is very important. I know people do because as a fitness trainer I do it myself when I shouldn’t.
  • Moving Ski Hops – Just like you are going down a slope. Keep your feet together and hop 4 times to the left and 4 times to the right. Make sure you knees are together and you are using your arms for propulsion.
  • Hit the Floor – This is also from previous Insanity workouts. If you need to know what they are just use the search button at the top of the page and type in “Hit the Floor.” This is an easy and effective workout.

Level 1 Drills – Another exercise taken from previous workouts. This exercise take a tad bit more muscle. You drop down and do:

  1. 4 push-ups
  2. 8 running mountain climbers

*Be sure to keep your butt down during this exercise.*

  • Heisman – You should be doing these in your sleep by now. It’s in almost every warm-up of this series.
  • 8 Switch Kicks / 8 Hop Squats – Another workout taken from previous disks. In your switch kicks be sure you are getting off the ground as high you possibly can. The focus here is intensity. The same for your hop squats. Be sure to get your butt down and legs wide.
  • High Jumps – Jump as high as you can and land softly. This exercise has nothing to do with the amount you can do but how high you can jump. Keep pushing for height and not reps.
  • Wide Plank Walks – Start in Plank position (If you do not know what a plank is go to the very first Insanity intro review. It gives the basics of what Insanity is and the fundamental exercise positions you are using.) Then using your hands and feet “walk” for times to the left, then 4 times to the right then back to the left. This works your pectoral muscles big time!
  • 8 Elbows / 8 Suicide Drills – Another exercise from a previous DVD, throw your 8 elbow punches, and then go right into your suicide drills. In your suicide drills, make sure you are touching the ground EVERY time. Don’t get lazy.


Now we are transitioning to the balance section of the workout. I was kinda bored with the workout thus far. Here is where it started to get my attention.

  • 4 & 4 hops – Very easy exercise and effective exercise. All you are doing is hopping 4 times on your left leg, then alternating 4 times on your right leg for the allotted time period.
  • Jab Switch Jump Squats – OK these are fun if you are a plyometric fanatic like me. You start off in a squat with your “dukes” up (your boxing hands). Then you throw 8 jabs with BOTH hands. After your 8th jab while still in your squat position jump up and do a complete 180 degree turn in the air. Land and repeat. Keep doing these for the allotted time period.

Hip Flexor Burners – Oh boy!!!!!! This is where it gets exciting!!!! Brace yourself as this is not for the faint of heart.

  1. You first start off with a simple thrusting knee lift. All you do here is use your arms for balance then lift/thrust your knee forward; however, only tap your toe on the ground and never put it fully on the ground on the way down. Remember, it is a hip flexor burner.
  2. At the end of your knee thrust, lift your same leg-up to a 90 degree angle and pulse it up and down. Remember to keep your elbows up,
  3. Now with your leg still at a 90 degree angle, extend your lower leg out then back down. Remember to keep your core tight.
  4. Never let your leg hit the ground (if you can) for the entire duration of the exercise!
  5. Repeat on the other leg. – Yeah this exercise is HARD.

Water Break – 30 Seconds – Do it – you need it.

  • Oblique Knee Lifts – Using your right arm and your right leg out to the side. Bring your elbow to your knee (or as close as you can get it). Repeat with left arm and leg.

Shoulder Burners in Plie – More deliciousness here!!!

  1. Get into the plié position, arms out to the side, and pulse your arms.
  2. Stop pulsing an immediately swing your arms front and back to the side.
  3. Immediately take your arms and go directly up over your head so your fingertips touch
  4. Immediately take your arms out and do small reverse circles (small circles) – Keep your arms straight out
  5. Immediately go into big forward circles

Cool Down Stretch – Make sure you actually do these


Insanity – Core Cardio and Balance

I think that this is a decent workout; however, for some reason they call this a “recovery workout,” which to me is an oxymoron. However, the two exercises that I did like, the hip flexor burners and the shoulder burners, make up for some stuff that I thought was not that great.

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Also, since exercise in a weight loss or gaining program is only 20% of the equation, and a good diet is the other 80%, also check out Shakeology in my store. Just click on the link and it will explain the whole system for you.

This workout receives a 3.5 out of 5 Charles faces.

Dont take the 3.5 Charles face as a bad rating, it really is a good series. I am just a very hard rater. Here is another success story from using the Insanity series.


This concludes my review on Insanity – Core Cardio and Balance.

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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