Video Rowboat Explosions
Video Rowboat Explosions

Julie who is an ab monster is doing in the Video Rowboat Explosions, trust me they are extra hard.

Video Rowboat Explosions


  1. Position #1: First you want to get yourself in a crescent moon position with your head, shoulders and feet about 1 inch off the ground.
  2. Position #2: Come up into a “V” shape using your abs bending at your knees, keeping your back straight, while balancing on the top of your butt, arms bent at your sides, elbows at your waist.
  3. Position #3: Clasping your hands together, this is where you “row your boat”, tighten your obliques and move your arms side-to-side like your rowing a boat. Do 2 or more for each side.
  4. Come back to Position #2
  5. Position #4: Coming out of Position #2 we have the explosion, this is where you extend your arms and legs so you are into a full “V” shape and make a explosion sound – If you really rock then will make a ridiculous explosion sound, the more ridiculous the sound the more you will rock
  6. Back to Position #2
  7. Back to Position #1

Video Rowboat Explosions

  • If you can’t keep your feet in the air while you are rowing, rest them lightly on the ground.

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      Remember to be safe when doing these guys.

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