I continue my list week with the Top 7 reasons to stretch. Remember when stretching incorporate Ballistic and Static stretching.

  1. It reduces your chance of injury. I have been working out consistently since 2004 and have yet to sustain any major injuries…5 years is hard to argue with, that includes heavy weight lifting, plyometrics, circuit training and yoga. I did get a neck injury back in 2005 from doing weighted dips, it did not forbid me from doing working out but it did hurt, can’t lie about that. Consequently my cousin Andre also hurt himself doing 4 X 45lbplate weighted dips a few months ago. He has since recovered and is back on track to bench 500+ lbs this summer. We should get the video up for all you guy that have been asking for it since 2007
  2. Increase your ROM (Range of Motion): I have personally increased my ROM just in the last months from doing Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga), normally I am pretty flexible. Bikram Yoga has pushed me to new heights, i’m at the point that I am starting to need yoga blocks to extend my range of motion. If you are in the Sacramento area here is where I go. You go for 2 weeks unlimited for $20 if you’re a new member. Highly recommended. Bring a bucket of water!
  3. Decrease lower back pain: Especially if your tall, us tall people over 6″1 (men especially women) life is not all cherries. All of my tall friend or other tall people I know have in some way, some sort of back problem. Call it a phenomenon but its true. Even if you are not tall. I don’t know anybody who WANTS lower back pain. Use it or lose it.
  4. Relaxation: Stretching lets the muscles relax, a relaxed muscle absorbs more oxygen, repairs muscular cells faster, recuperates faster, and has better circulation. An all around good situation.
  5. Stress Management: Your neck and hamstrings are usually the most tense, well stretched muscles hold less stress, therefore leaving you less stressed.
  6. Increase Flexibility Performance: If your all muscle and no flexibility your are severely lacking your full potential. Tennis superstar Venus Williams, while much leaner than her powerhouse sister Serena has for the most of their careers has had a higher serve speed of 130+ MPH. Why? Venus is much more flexible and has sister. There is Power in Flexibility.
  7. Recovery: By stretching your increase your recovery time when exercising. This has been my revelation for me, not only do I recovery faster than my gym rat friends, I perform better and have much better recovery when doing my CITY Interval Workout.

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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