Do you Candida
Do you Candida

This post is entitled Do you Candida?

Do you Candida

To know the answer to that, you would have to know what the heck Candida is.  Candida, or more appropriately Candida Albicans, is an opportunistic fungus (like yeast) that can be both internal and external to the body. Since this is a health and fitness website, we are going to speak about its effects on health and fitness. If you have Candida or some form of it, or you think you may have it, consult your doctor for treatment.

Candida has a strong link to health and fitness in the sense that if you have it, you will often have one or more of the following conditions:

  1. Do you have sugar cravings?
  2. Do you have lower blood sugar?
  3. Do you have a gas or bloating?
  4. Do you have a hard time thinking or concentrating?
  5. Do you feel fatigued all the time?
  6. Are you sensitive to alcohol and/or smells?
  7. Have you used antibiotics in the last 2 years?
  8. Have you or your partner had a history of yeast infections, oral, vaginal, jock itch or athlete’s foot?

One of the main side effects that Candida has is weight gain. Somebody who has Candida will often have just wild and crazy sugar cravings (That explains my craving for Sara Lee French Cheesecake) these simple carbohydrates are the main energy source for Candida yeast.

Another side effect of Candida is mood swings and depression which is associated with a rapid change in blood sugar, as the Candida eats up the sugar from your blood, you will want more sugar and get moody, just like a child who is sleepy. Do you see how one begets the other?

Some people won’t have either symptoms but rather they will have gas and get really bloated, sometimes to the point where gas gets trapped in your stomach and you end up having terrible stomach pains like one of my favorite cartoon characters the Bumblebee man on The Simpson’s.

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“Ay, el estomago”

Bumblebee man is a prime example with that dish of “Lord knows what” in his hand of how some people will feel when they have Candida in their system. This is caused by the fermentation of food in your intestines caused by yeast. If you’re a visual person, think of the fermentations of beer or Champagne. The side effect of have fermentation of food in your stomach may also lead to alcohol production in your intestine that can be absorbed back into your stomach and lead right into your blood stream causing the same symptoms of a drunk person, confusion, lack of concentration and crazy/erratic behavior.

Do you Candida

Months ago I wrote about how to Clean your colon and the awful stomach pain I felt when doing the colon cleanse. What I didn’t tell you was that the pain I felt was Candida build up and the tea and fiber I was drinking was getting all that stuff out.

Since I run a health and fitness website I often get questions about losing weight, how to gain muscle and the typical question you think I would get as a fitness trainer. Here is a pretty typical example of an email I will get from somebody.

From: James Southard ([email protected])

To: Charles ([email protected]) (this is not my real email, if you wan to contact me use the link above)

Good Morning Charles,

Hey I have a question I am exercising and eating a balanced diet but I still can’t lose weight. Any ideas?


In almost all cases my response is this.

Hey Jim,

Without really knowing you, but in most cases the first thing I would ask is what do you consider a balanced diet? If you are eating correctly and exercising I would have to guess a blocked up colon. Think of your body like a vacuum tube; if it’s blocked at one end you can eat all the great stuff in the world but its all for not if the other end of tube is blocked. Try that and get back to me.



One of the common misconceptions with colon cleaners is that you’re not really cleaning your colon, the colon is self cleaning. What you are doing is getting rid of Candida and other parasites lodged in your intestinal system. Its just that colon cleaning sounds better than parasite and Candida search and destroy, and its something most people can wrap their minds around.

As always the colon cleanse I recommend is Dr. Natura’s Colonix; however, in this economy most people don’t want to spend over $150 on a 3 months supply on a product that some guy name Charles running a fitness website they told them about. So, as a solution to this, my affiliate network Neverblue has made a way for you to get a trial of a colon cleanse for Free.

What I mean by free is that you are going to pay about $6 for them to ship it to you if you’re in the U.S. Or $20 if your anywhere else in the world (with restrictions). It’s a great program they are offering check it out by clicking the banner below.

This concludes my post entitled Do you Candida?

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