This post is a review of Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo.


Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo

Let me preface this review with a point: If you are not already in decent shape you will get eaten alive in this workout. What gives me this theory? Great question. I trust you know what Power Jumps are right? Good, well towards the END of the workout, we do some [ONE legged power jumps]! Yep one legged, if that alone sounds like your first trip to the dentist and not like your ideal first date, then go apply elsewhere! Maniacs only…

Tools needed:

  • Agility Ladder
  • Speed Rope
  • Power Bands

This video is crazy on a whole different level than the Speed and Agility workout, in that this video is more of a strength workout versus the Speed and Agility, which is just that, speed and agility. The warm-up in this video was a lot easier than the first Asylum video I just posted, but the One legged power jumps more than made up for it.

Warm-up – Jump Rope Series

Split Squat Jump Rope – Split Squat Jump Ropes are just switch feet with a slight squat done with a jump rope. Be sure to land on your toes so you save your knees. Keep your core tight. ** DO NOT LAND with your knee over your toes**, At full tilt you are in a squat, keep your butt back and out.

Right Leg – You are in the same exercise, but you only keep your right leg forward, all the same rules apply. Push your butt out.

Left Leg – You are in the same exercise, but you only keep your left leg forward, all the same rules apply. Push your butt out.

Adductor Jump Rope – Coming straight out of the left leg jump rope, put both legs (knees and feet) together push your butt out with a squat and continue jumping. Again land softly and push your butt out with the slight squat. As always keep your core tight to avoid back injury.

*Drop your jump rope*

Adductor Tuck Jumps – With your arms at a “T” position underneath your chin and your elbows straight out, legs and feet together, you are jumping vertical, when you come down alternate hands to touch the ground. Again land softly and keep your core tight.

Ladder Hop Squats – Using your agility ladder, starting at one end, legs on both sides of the ladder, hop forward and backwards of the ladder touching every box of the ladder as you hop (with a  straight back/in squat position). Remember this is a squat exercise, so unless you are an ultra-athlete you *WILL* feel the lactic acid build up. If you don’t know what lactic acid is, you *WILL* feel it.

Hop Scotch Jump Rope – If you don’t know what hop scotch is, you need to get out and play more! The Hop Scotch Jump Rope consist of two hops on one leg (get the other leg up to hip height), two hops in a squat position then two hops on the other leg (get the other leg up to hip height). Keep doing these for the allotted time period. **Keep your….Yeah you know the drill**

Double Jumps Jump Rope – A straight up simple double under jump rope exercise, double unders are pushing the rope under you twice for every one jump you do. You need to get some height in your vertical for this exercise.

Wide Spider Lunge – From a plank position, “spider” one leg to one elbow, so that your knee hits one tricep, then back to plank position. Repeat for the other leg.

Ladder Rotational Jumps – This exercise is the same as the ladder hop squats you just did; however, you will be adding a 180 degree rotational jump (clockwise) as you move forward in the ladder, you will be touching each box twice for every jump. This is a squat exercise so keep your butt down. Go forward and back of the ladder for the allotted time period. Jump from the bottom and NOT from the top – Counter clockwise – Continue with your jumps but now you are jumping counter clockwise for the allotted time period.

Water Break – 30 Seconds

Stretch – Do not skip these. Stretching is what keeps you flexible and prevents injury. Just ask anybody who has ever had reconstructive surgery of a joint, they will never see the same flexibility they once had, barring a scientific joint elasticity breakthrough.

Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo – Workout

Standing Long Jump – Using your agility ladder adjust the rungs of the ladder so you can jump the length of the ladder. Simply long jump over the ladder and sprint back to the start, since this is a Vertical Plyo workout you need to jump from a squat and really push if you want to improve your vertical abilities. Halfway through the exercise start from the other end of the ladder, why? No clue!

Split Squat Back fly- For this exercise you will need your power bands and your agility ladder, not the long bands you use to do arms curls but the ones that look like big flattened rubber bands. Just like the first warm-up exercise you did today, you are jump scissor kicking (one foot will be touching inside the ladder with each jump) and with your arms straight out in front of you, you will be pulling the bands out as far as you can while keeping your arms straight. Pick a resistance band that is not too hard where you can’t move it, but not too easy where you are not working. You are using both your back and leg muscles at the same time. Try and not to touch the ladder between jumps. All the other precautions pertain as well (knee over ankle, land softly, core tight).

Back Fly Tuck Jumps – Tuck jumps are like Power Jumps but your hands DO NOT touch your knees in the vertical position. You will be doing the same exercise with your arms that you just did with the previous exercise. **Know your limits** Be sure you keep your form correct, doing it right is WAY better than doing more reps.

Low Stance Jacks – This exercise is pretty much the same as the Adductor Jump Squats you did in your warm-up. Using the same band or a higher resistance band depending on your leg strength, wrap the power band around your ankles, and get into the same position you did in your warm-up exercise Adductor Jump Squats (hands under your chin at a “T” position). With a straight back and in a low stance position, jump your legs out and touch the ground with one hand just like you did in the warm-up.

Drop your resistance bands.

Single Leg Jump Rope – Yep, do that. Half way through, switch jumping legs.

Get your heaviest resistance band you can control

Grab your resistance bands again.

Resistance Power Jumps – Standing back from your agility ladder and your resistance bands around your ankles again, feet shoulder width apart, jump up with your normal Power Jumps, when you land touch the ground with a straight back in a squat position. Half way through the exercise step inside the agility ladder and perform the same exercise. Try and not to touch the ladder with your feet.

Resistance Plyo Push-Up – With your bands still around your legs, grab another set of resistance bands for your arms, with your hands inside the agility ladder and your feet outside, perform a Plyometric Push-Up (push yourself off the ground) and land your feet either at normal plank to wide stance plank alternating, at the same time you will be doing the same thing with your arms inside the agility ladder (alternating from wide arms push-ups and normal push-ups) Remember this is a plyometric exercise so you need to get as much air as you can in this exercise. Half way through, walk your feet so they are now inside the agility ladder, now do the same thing you did with your hands, with your feet. . **This is where this workout started kicking my ass** I had to stop a few times during this exercise. No shame in it!  – This is now one of my favorite exercises! This is basically the start of me getting my ass kicked for the rest of this workout!!!!!

Resistance X Jumps – If you are familiar with P90X then you know what “X” jumps are (jump straight up and have your body for an “X” then land with your feet together) The difference here is you still have your hands and feet bound together with the same resistance bands you just had in the previous exercise. After performing your “X” jump, with a straight back and bending at your knees, reach down and touch the ground. Keep doing these for the allotted time period.

Drop all your bands.

Mountain Climber Switch Kicks – Performing a standard standing mountain climber with your arms reaching straight up, Switch Kick your legs out landing on one leg. For this exercise get your heel up to your hip height. Halfway through get inside your agility ladder and continue, try not to hit the ladder with your feet, so you are landing inside the boxes.

Grab your jump rope

Low Squat Jump Rope – Get in a low squat and start jumping, use all your normal safety precautions when jumping so you don’t mess yourself up. For me this is where I had to really concentrate and not get sloppy. When you get sloppy is when you run a higher risk of hurting yourself. The difference in this exercise is you land on your heels and keep your toes up.

Rotational Jump Squat Agility – From a squat position, jump in, out of the ladder then jump 180 degrees (clockwise) over the ladder and repeat the process, halfway through the exercise switch to counter clockwise jumping.

Decoy Split Jumps – With one leg inside the agility ladder and one out get in a standing runners stance, then jump up and scissor kick so that when you land the same leg will be inside the ladder, halfway through switch legs. Try not hitting the ladder with your foot.

Scissor Jump Agility – With your legs in front of your agility ladder in a squat position and your arms in a “T” position under your chin, jump up and scissor your legs, when you land reach down and touch inside the agility ladder box (that is behind you) this will force you to reach down. After every 10 jumps, walk your hands out and knock out 5 push-ups. Then walk your hands back to the starting position. You will be doing a total of 40 jumps and 20 push-ups.

Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo

Water Break

Double Jumps Jump Rope – Yes this is the same exercise we did toward the start of the workout.

Single Leg Power Jumps Right – Here is where you get to feel the rainbow juice. You know what regular power jumps are, but instead of being a chump we are going to do these one legged, all the normal rules of Power Jump apply (knee to hip height, touch your knee). This also works balance and weight distribution. Do 50% of the workout, outside the agility ladder, 50% inside the agility ladder, trying not to touch the ladder. Switch legs. If these sound hard you are wrong! These are a bitch!

Lateral Jumps – Pick one side of the agility ladder, from a squatting position, jump laterally over to the other end of the ladder, and adjust your ladder so you clear the whole thing.

Cool Down Stretch – Do not skip this, if you do don’t come calling me talkin bout you fu@#ed up your knees cause you didn’t stretch.


Freaking outstanding workout! If reading this does not get you all hot and bothered, go eat a donut, come back and read it again! The much coveted, respected, and lauded 5 Charles Faces


5 out of 5 Charles Faces.

There is no way you are not interested in buying this DVD set. Since you are, just as I said in the previous review, become a coach and get 25% off your order. This is a straight up no brainer. Click that broken Insanity link below


This concludes my review of Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo.

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