This post is a review of the fitness video Insanity Asylum Speed and Agility.

I love new workout videos; I especially love them when they kick all kinds of ass. I have had the whole series for a while now, but actually wanted to get through a few of them before I started my reviews.

The Insanity Asylum series is all about sports training, whether you play football, basketball, run track or whatever, the series will help you in some way shape or form. Even if you are not an athlete, but play one on TV, that’s cool too.  Even if you haven’t been on TV in a while, this video will come in handy when your agent finally gets his head out of his ass and starts calling up REAL talent, namely YOU.

If you haven’t done any of the normal Insanity plyometric videos, I suggest you start out with those first, because these videos aren’t best served with dinner mints – these videos are reserved for people who like pain, punishment, and get off on pushing themselves to the absolute max, then at the breaking point say “Screw it I am jumping off the edge, and if I die on the way, oh well, I had a good run”! Geronimoooo!!!!

Like the original Insanity series, Insanity Asylum Speed and Agility has the same basic workout sequence, warm up, stretch, workout, cool down stretch, and finish.

Insanity Asylum Speed and Agility

Tools needed: Agility ladder and a jump rope/speed rope.

Warm-up – Jump Rope Series – Best advice from me is to do what YOU can do, some of you can go way harder than the people in the videos and others will be tired after the first set of warm-ups. Know yourself and know your limits.

High Knees – As the title states we are using the included jump rope the entire warm-up. Nothing fancy here just high knees while you jump rope. Be sure to get your knees up to your hip level (using your core), and don’t forget this is a speed and agility workout, you gotta bring your “A” game.

Squat Jumps – Still with your jump rope, you are doing a semi-squat while jumping, get your butt back and hit it.

In & Out Low Jumps – These are more or less just like the Squat Jumps you just did, but your legs are moving “In & Out” somewhat like a mini jumping jack with your legs. Yes, you are still using your jump rope.

Agility Heisman – If you are not familiar with the Heisman drills, just search for it over in my navigation bar under “Google Custom Search.”  In a normal Heisman, or 123 Heisman, we would just go side to side; however, with the agility Heisman, we drop the jump rope and use your included Agility Ladder to get through all 5 rungs of the agility ladder then get in your Heisman pose, then back again. **Make sure every foot hits between each rung**

Warm-up Round #2 – High Speed – NO REST – come straight out of your agility Heisman straight back into the jump rope.

  • High Speed – High Knees – High Speed means high speed, don’t be pussy footin around, get that work in! Don’t forget to use your core.
  • Criss-Cross – Still with your jump rope, you are simply criss-crossing your feet while jump roping, when I say criss-cross your feet, I mean when you jump right leg should be in front crossed over and left leg should be back crossed over, after you jump again, legs should be “out”, after you jump again, reverse the first sequence. If you don’t have any rhythm you are going to be sucking, and I suggest you not use your rope.
  • 1-2 Scissors – While still in your jump rope, a 1-2 scissor, is done by doing 2 hops on your right foot, 2 hops on your left foot then scissor kicking for a four count. For the allotted time. Watch your rhythm and stay in control.
  • Agility Heisman w/Tap– Just like you did in the first round of Warm-up, only this time you will tap the ground (instead of getting into the Heisman pose) then sprint to your starting position. Tap the ground with the hand on the “outside” of the exercise, meaning if you are moving left; tap the ground with your left hand. – Half way between the allotted time, switch sides.
  • Agility Toe Taps – Now you are down in plank position, and just like the exercise you were just doing you will be shuffling your toes between your ladder rungs, while you are moving left and right in plank position. Keep your core tight and that butt down.

Water Break – 30 Seconds

Stretch – Do these stretches and don’t skip them, flexibility prevents injuries. No I do not go into the stretch sequence; when you are serious about getting in shape go buy the videos from my store. Even better become a coach and get 25% off.

Insanity Asylum Speed and Agility Workout:

Mountain Climber Progression – Using your agility ladder, position yourself over the rungs of the ladder in a plank position, mountain climbers are where you are in plank position and “climbing” your feet between the bottom rung of the ladder and in between the first rung. The progression part is “climbing” your feet between 2, 3 or maybe even 4 rungs (If you are tall enough) in *One* movement. Keep your hands on the floor and use your core for support.

Forward / Back Agility (Quick Feet) – Again using the agility ladder stand up and pick 2 boxes of the ladder and “quick feet” your legs between the boxes from a stationary position. Each foot should touch both in and outside their respective box, half way between the exercises switch your leading foot.

Moving Push-up Progression – You are back in plank position and still using your agility ladder for this exercise. Starting at one end of the ladder you will be moving between the ladder (right-to-left) and doing a push-up every time you move over a ladder box, but instead of just doing that, you will be doing a set of In & Out Abs (use your core to bring your knees to your chest/while in plank) between each push-up. Keep going back and forth for the whole allotted time period.

In & Out Agility w/Hop – From a standing position using your ladder, the basic move is running  forward and hopping back; however, the twist is using your right foot to maneuver it “In & Out” each rung of the ladder as you are moving forward. Then hopping back using that same right foot to hop in between each box, finish off the hop back by jumping into plank position before you go again. Half way through switch to your left foot.

  • Mountain Climber Progression – This time around pick a box below you and do that only for the allotted time period.

Agility Sequence – Position yourself in a runners starting position (NOT the runners stretch pose) over your agility ladder, now scissor jump your legs between the boxes below you for the allotted time. Next switch to Forward / Back Agility (Quick Feet) for the allotted time, next  on queue do a complete 180 degree jump over your ladder, then do another 180 degree jump over you ladder back to your starting position, then start the sequence again. If this sounds like fun, that’s because it is!

  • Moving Push – Progression – On this round instead of just doing In & Out Abs between each pushup, jump into the ladder and land on your feet (out of plank position) into a low squat position. Then get back in plank position and go again.

Water Break

In & Out Ab Progression – These are just like the In & Out Mountain Climbers you just did earlier in the workout, but this time your feet are together the whole time.

Stationary Criss Cross – From a standing position and just like you did in your warm-up (except use ladder instead of jump rope), pick the first box of the ladder and the outside of the ladder and criss cross your legs in between the boxes. Halfway through the exercise sprint (sideways) between the ladder and change sides of the ladder.

Agility Bear Crawl – from a Bear position (on all fours/table top position) bear crawl over the ladder when you get to the end (your feet at the last rung of the ladder) use your feet to jump in then out of the last ladder box then bear crawl back, when you get back (your chest over the first box of the ladder) use your hands to go In & Out in the first ladder box. Keep doing these for the allotted time period.

Agility Stork Touch – You will be on one leg for this exercise (like a Stork), using your agility ladder, jump (on one leg) side to side as you progress between the ladder boxes, on every side of the ladder touch the ground (use your hand to touch the inside of the ladder). Do the same thing forward and back. Halfway through, switch jumping legs.

  • In & Out Ab Progression – Use your core to support your body. Progress up ladder boxes.

Criss Cross / Power Jump – Since you know how to do Criss Crosses then no need to explain that. Power Jumps were highly used in the first Insanity videos. From the squatting position jump up as high as you can and get your knees to hip height and touch them with your hands. So the sequence is to do 4 criss crosses then go directly into a Power Jump, the secret sauce is to jump from a squatting position (Land softly to avoid injury), halfway through the exercise sprint (sideways) to the other side.

Bear Crawl / V Push-up – The bear crawl is the same as you did earlier – the twist is an added V Push Up at the end. A V Push-Up is done in Pike position (butt up) and your left and right fingers touching into a V, your hands should look like this <> there will be a diamond shape between your hands, now do a set of 5 push ups with your head going  between the diamond. Keep doing these for the allotted time period.

Agility Touch Squats – For this exercise you will be doing a jumping jack style exercise up and down your agility ladder with your feet touching inside the boxes. When your feet are on the outside of the ladder, you want to get into a squat position and touch the ground. In your squat be sure to get your butt back and out.

  • In & Out Ab Progression
  • Criss Cross / Moving Power Jump – Just as you did a couple exercises ago, only this time every Power Jump you will be moving over one ladder box.

Agility Bear Crawl / Tricep Ball – The agility bear crawl is the same as you did earlier, the twist is doing the Tricep Ball Push-up. A tricep ball pushup is very similar to a V- Push up only you are not in a pike push-up position, you assume the same position only instead of putting your butt up in the air, you will bend at the knees and bring your feet within 6 inches of your hands and balance on your toes, then with the same V hand position do a set of 5 push-ups then start the exercise again.

Water Break

Insanity Asylum Speed and Agility

*Power Round *

Since this workout is Speed and Agility, now we are going to focus on the speed. For this next set you will be going as fast as you can possibly go while maintaining proper form. I have said it 100X’s in my other reviews. FORM COMES BEFORE EVERYTHING!!!!

Agility Hop Scotch – Just like when you played hopscotch in elementary school (if you are old enough to remember such things as playing outside). This exercise is somewhat similar to the stork exercise you did earlier, only instead of going side to side of the agility ladder; you will stay right in the middle. Starting out with your right leg in the middle of the ladder, next hop forward and touch both feet to the outside of the ladder then jump back in with your right foot only. Do this forward and backwards. Halfway through switch to the left foot.

Agility Hurdle drill – This reminded me of back in high school when I ran the hurdles. You start out in a stationary sprint on one end of your agility ladder then run for 4 steps then hurdle your knee (only one) up to waist height. Every “hurdle” you will move up one box, when you are finished run back the start and start again. Halfway through switch your hurdle leg.

Agility Dual Hops – Just like the Agility Stork Touch you just did earlier, instead of using only one leg, you use both and you do not touch the ground.

Agility Plank – Move side to side along your agility ladder in the plank position.

Agility Shoulder Taps – The Coup de grâce!! – In the same position as your last exercise you will be moving from side to side, the difference is you will be tapping your shoulder (alternating sides) every time you move your hand. Try and get at least 6 rounds of side to side shoulder taps before you stop.


Water Break.

Cool Down Stretch – Do NOT overlook this. If you don’t like being injured (and I assume you do not since you are reading a workout review and the only people who actually like being injured are not athletes but people who enjoy sympathy), then do these.

Conclusion: The whole video is absurdly good. Maybe it’s because I only have done it once, but since I have done the other Insanity videos so many times, they are stale in comparison. SO worth it, I would suggest that if you haven’t done the regular Insanity videos, you should start out with those. This video is HARD. I LOVE HARD WORKOUTS!

5 out of 5 Charles Faces.

Check out my Insanity Reviews Page for more details.

This concludes my review of Insanity Asylum Speed and Agility.

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    • I love the way these are changed up and its not repeating the same circuit over again, like in Insanity. Almost completed week 1 and love the workouts.

    • Charles Lloyd

      The best part about Asylum is it starts to fill in the holes of Insanity. Thanks for dropping by Sara.

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      Nice, I’m going to start Insanity Asylum soon with my brother. I had a hard time finding an extra agility ladder and speed rope so Included a link in my name.

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      Just finished this workout, amazing! Thanks for the great summary.

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