Your Self Worth Is MUCH Higher Than You Think
Your Self Worth Is MUCH Higher Than You Think

This post is entitled Your Self Worth Is MUCH Higher Than You Think.

Your Self Worth Is MUCH Higher Than You Think

Just the other day my friend and editor to this website Julie, texted me asking me for input for a proposal for her to start teaching Boot Camp at her church. You see Julie teaches Boot Camp at a local gym chain California Family Fitness, and at Capitol Athletic Club. Her church has a gym that is called the Lord’s Gym. Her proposal was to teach Boot Camp at this gym. She said it is her purpose to help people get in shape. Fair enough.

Julie’s Back Story:

Her back story is that she already has two jobs that keep her very busy; sometimes seven days a week! She is pretty much built like a brick #$^% house; but like most women, she thinks she is fat. Look at her profile page here and tell me if you think she is fat. Remember this was about 10 pounds ago.

So my question to her was: “Why are you adding more classes to your already overly-booked schedule”?

Julie: “Uh, well, I need more experience.”

Charles: “More experience…more experience? You already have over 40 years of experience, how much MORE do you need”?

Julie: “….Um, good question.”

Charles: ” :\”

Your Self Worth

In our society, actually almost any society, there is big business around telling people that their breasts/penis are not big enough, their house is not big enough, they need to lose more weight, they need a nose job, they stink so buy this cologne/perfume etc., etc. In other words society says: YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH, BUY THIS PRODUCT/GO TO THIS SCHOOL.

Even my own dad, who, after many, many, many years, will finally pay off his house this year; tells me that he wants a bigger house (my mother is WAY less sold on this idea). My question to him was: “It’s only the two of you that will be living here, why do you need something bigger”? “Why would you want to be worrying about paying a mortgage when your 70 and 80 years old”?

His response: “Oh, well we want it for you guys (me, my brother and sister) and our grandchildren (my children).”

Me: “No, you are not doing that; we’ll all be just fine coming to this house.”

I think this sort of mentality is much more rampant with women. Since about 60~70% of my readers are women, most of you will know what I’m talking about.

In a recent article by MSN Money, they stated that if you want to save money, don’t be a woman! Apparently women pay more for almost everything. The reason why you women put up with this sort of thing is, you both love and hate being told that you’re not good enough. You both enjoy and hate being the victim.

How do I know? Tell any normal guy that he is going to pay $45 for a haircut. And he will promptly to tell you to kiss his ass, while normal women will pay it all day long.

Men, on the other hand, will do it also, but to a lesser degree. I’m still surprised that some of you guys are paying $200+ for a pair of jeans. Not only jeans, but jeans that look like they have already been worn a couple of years! Talk about counterproductive.

OK. Fine, Charles. So what the heck does this have to do with Self Worth?

I’m glad you asked. Everything. If you even have the resources to read this website, you are already richer than 75 percent of the world’s population! The stuff you take for granted, like internet access, 7 out of 10 people only dream about having it. So the next time you think you are poor or broke till the next payday, your poor or broke is 75 percent of everybody’s filthy rich.

Your Self Worth Is MUCH Higher Than You Think

Yes you are good enough.

No, you do not need more experience. You already have plenty.

Your car is already good enough. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to ride in it.

Yes you are already pretty enough. Act like it.

Everything you need, you already have. Accept it

Why is it?

My last point is why do you do what you do? Most people I know spend most of their time helping others get what they want, but at the end of the day, that same person has nothing left to focus on getting what they want for themselves.

For example:

Pat has a job that he/she works for 8 hours per day 5 days per week. The other 8 hours per day he/she works another job, hangs out with friends, does chores, raises kids or watches TV. The last 8 hours or less, he/she sleeps. And the cycle repeats day-in and day-out, night-in and night-out, month after month, year after year. More or less he/she is a wage slave.

Pat has a dream of one day owning a highly successful bread store; this is Pat’s justification for staying at a job that he/she does not like. Furthermore, in order to fund this dream, Pat hands his/her money to men in suits, and hope that he/she does not get ripped off like the whole Worldcom/Enron fiasco.

The chance of Pat living his or her dream is about 5 percent, maybe less. Not because Pat is incapable, but because Pat does not actually believe that he/she can actually live their dream. Instead he/she bogs him/herself down with brand new plasma TV’s, the latest gizmo, $200 pair of jeans and the latest make-up from M.A.C. Now when the opportunity arises for Pat to realize his/her dream, Pat can’t take it. Or the thought of failure and self-doubt takes hold, “What will my friends say,” “What will my parents think,” “What if I can’t pay the mortgage/rent, I’ll be homeless.” This is when reality kicks in, and off they go back to being a wage slave.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. I used to think the exact same way. I was especially afraid of “What will my parents think?” More than anything. This was all true until the time I got divorced.

I have always heard the saying that everything is not what it seems. When I got divorced a couple of years ago, this sentence made perfect sense. Then I got fired “did not pass probation” from my job with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Then the statement “Everything is not what it seems” not only made sense, it was now in my blood. However, if you read my About me page, you will know that I learned some very valuable lessons in life through past failures. Now that I was unemployed, it really didn’t matter, I didn’t have credit card bills and car payments, actually I had no credit cards bills and no loans taken out. Everything I had, I owned. No, I don’t have a brand new Ferrari; I drive an old 1993 Audi. No I don’t have four 50” Plasma TV’s, I have one 37” LCD that I bought (in cash) when I was a government contractor living in Japan.

The point I am making is not to impress you about how great I am but to point out that I found my self-worth through hardship in a roundabout sort of way. It took life (God really) slapping the crap out of me, to get me to pay attention to what is really going on. Because Lord knows that I am very, very, hard-headed.

In conclusion, you are worth it; you just have to make sure that you are ready to take hold of opportunity when it presents itself.

“Opportunity is not a moment; it is the years it took to get to that moment.”

-Charles Lloyd – yes I really did just make that up @ 1/6/2010 8:14pm

This concludes my post entitled Your Self Worth Is MUCH Higher Than You Think.

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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    • Liz

      It really is all about the “other 8 hours” in the day — the time you must use to create a richer life for yourself. Check out this book “The Other 8 Hours” by Robert Pagliarini. Amazing stuff in there!!

    • Charles Lloyd

      Ill check it out Liz. A book is good, practice is WAY better.

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