10 minute workout The 45s
10 minute workout The 45s

Everybody likes quick workouts so I made a post entitled 10 minute workout The 45s.

10 minute workout The 45s

Here is a quick 10 minute workout (The 45 workout) that will get your heart rate going and your metabolism fired up. When time is of the essence. And you have ZERO equipment – Remember, don’t takes these times as gospel; do what you can do for 10 minutes, then stop.

  • Light Run-in place for 45 seconds- This prepares your body for exercise – Careful not to go too quickly off the bat. Most people when they start working out tend to go to fast too early and exhaust themselves  – 45 seconds

15 seconds rest (Total Time – 1 Minute)

  • 45 Jumping Jacks – If your knees can take it. Jumping jacks are a great plyometric exercise that almost anybody can do  – 45 seconds

15 seconds rest (Total Time – 2 Minutes)

  • 45 Sit-ups / Crunches– The old tried and true sit-ups or crunches this is a really great upper Ab workout – Don’t worry lower abs is coming up shortly 😉

15 seconds rest (Total Time – 3 Minutes)

  • Side Stretch – You have to remember to stretch so we incorporated it into the workout – 20 seconds on your left side, 25 seconds on your right side

15 seconds rest (Total Time – 4 Minutes)

  • Left Circle Runs- Take off your shirt and put it on the ground, now while keeping your upper body in a stationary position run around your shirt. The key here is to try and keep your head and shoulders as level and stable as possible – 45 seconds

15 seconds rest (Total Time 5 Minutes)

  • 45 Pushups – Start off on your toes and your back straight and start pushing, if you can’t do all 45 in that position, go to your knees. You’re probably doing this by yourself so nobody is looking anyway – The key here is to complete as many as you can in 45 seconds

15 seconds rest (Total Time 6 Minutes)

  • 8 Count Body Builders – I explain it in detail here, Do as many as you can for 45 seconds (Total Time 45 Seconds)

15 seconds rest (Total Time – 7 Minutes)

  • 45 Calf raises – Yep, you do exactly what you think you’re going to do; stand straight up and start raising your calf muscles so you’re standing on your toes. You want to keep doing this for 45 seconds. It starts off easy, but just wait. (Total Time 45 Seconds)

10 minute workout The 45s

15 seconds rest (Total Time – 8 Minutes)

  • Leg scissors – This is an excellent lower Ab workout – Start off by laying on your back, then lift your legs 6 inches off the ground, now scissor them up and down, this is done by lifting your right leg up 4 inches and dropping your left leg 4 inches then repeat with the opposite leg. Do as many as you can without stopping. If you’re not strong enough to do all 45 seconds non-stop, stop and take a rest until you can continue. Try not to stop for more than 5 seconds (Total Time 45 Seconds)

15 seconds rest (Total Time – 9 Minutes)

  • 45 Iron Chair – If you don’t know what an iron chair is or have never done one, let me introduce you to your new favorite exercise. All you do is put your back to the wall and squat down until your quadriceps (top part of your leg) is parallel with the ground. You’re going to have a blast with these, I promise! Try to hold this position for the entire 45 seconds. If you need to come up and take a break, do so for no more than 5 seconds then go back down. (Total time 45 Seconds)

15 seconds rest (Total Time 10 Minutes)

Finished!  Then stretch!!

This concludes my post entitled 10 minute workout The 45s.

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