Insanity – Max Interval Plyo – Review

This is the 9th Video in the series entitled Insanity – Max Interval Plyo (plyometric). Although I have not written about the video’s yet, I have certainly done them. Like every other Insanity workout, it’s the same basic format: intense warm-up, stretch, workout, stretch, done. Yes the intense warm-up then stretch is still a dumb idea; it’s inefficient and makes ZERO sense. That said, it is a tough workout. And if you actually do the program, including the nutritional plan, you will get in better shape and lose weight if that is your goal.

Warm Up Round # 1

  • Jog: Here you are just jogging in place
  • Straight Arm Jacks – You should be familiar with these by now
  • 123 123 – Another warm-up maneuver that we have been doing consistently
  • Jump Rope (side-to-side) S/S – Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Arms Out High Knees – Just as the name indicates, here just make sure you are lifting your knees from your butt & Abs NOT your legs
  • Switch Kicks – We have done a million of these, just make sure you are kicking out and keeping your elbows in.
  • Hit the Floor – The ol faithful Hit the Floor, let me reminisce the ways I love thee. Jump from the down position and gets those hands up!
  • S/S Floor Hops – For some reason everybody in our FIIT camp hates these 😉

Warm Up Round # 2

  • Jog
  • Straight Arm Jacks
  • 123 123
  • Jump Rope S/S
  • Arms Out High Knees
  • Switch Kicks
  • Hit the Floor
  • S/S Floor Hops

Warm Up Rough #3 – This is it, time to gun it.

  • Jog – I really mean sprint!
  • Straight Arm Jacks – Quick, Quick, Quick
  • 123 123 – This builds your explosive power
  • Jump Rope S/S – Calves builder
  • Arms Out High Knees – Speed, Speed, Speed, Not low knees
  • Switch Kicks
  • Hit the Floor – Go as fast as you can possibly go.
  • S/S Floor Hops – This is going to hurt if done properly.

Water Break: 30 Seconds

Stretch – Don’t Skip your stretch, even if you feel like you don’t need to, its a tried, tested and proven way to prevent injury….DO IT.

Max Interval Plyo

I hope you are ready to get your ass kicked because this is a very hard workout

  • Switch Jumps

We have done these before in previous videos, we have even incorporated these into our (Julie’s) FIIT Camp. Don’t worry if you can’t do these. In a class of 20 average in-shape people ranging from in good shape to overweight, about 2 or 3 people can do these correctly. So put it this way, only the top 20% or 30% of the American adult population can actually do this exercise, and really I would say this is true for the whole Insanity workout series. So if you wanna get in shape, you have to train like the best.

Start off in a low squat position, then jump from that squatting position and do a 180 degree turn in the air…land softly on your toes.

  • Squat Push-Ups

This is also an exercise from a previous workout, here you just start off in a squat position, then then drop your whole upperbody to the floor with your hands at shoulder width then push yourself back up.

  • Wide In & Out Abs

These are just what they sound like; you keep your legs out wide throughout the whole exercise. Start off in a wide leg plank position, and then jump your legs towards the outside of your hands. So you are just keeping your legs wide and jumping in and out while focusing on your abdominal muscles. Be sure not to drop your hips.

  • Power Jumps

This is very good plyometric exercises that for some reason people have trouble with. All you do is jump straight up, then at the top of you jump you bring your knees up to waist level. At our workout sessions people for some reason have trouble with this one, so it can be considered an advanced workout exercise.

Water Break – 30 Seconds

Round # 2

  • Switch Jumps – Lands softly so you don’t mess up your back.
  • Squat Push-Ups – Be sure you sit back into your squat.
  • Wide In & Out Abs
  • Power Jumps

Water Break – 30 Seconds

Round # 3 – Last round for these exercises – Go at your own pace and rest when needed.

  • Switch jumps
  • Squat Push-Ups
  • Wide In & Out Abs
  • Power Jumps
  • One Legged “V” Push-Ups

The “V” position refers to a Pike position or you turn your into Pike’s Peak the famous mountain in Colorado. So start off in a regular plank position then walk your hands and legs so your butt is sticking straight up in the air, go as far as you can then rotate you hands so your fingers are facing each other, then with your knees together lift one leg from the knee down, then start your Push-ups, you are only going to go down a few inches for this exercise to be effective, go for 30 seconds for each leg. **Be sure your knees and thighs are together**.

Water Break – 30 Seconds

Round #1

Pogo Right- Again in a class of 20 + people maybe 2 or 3 can actually be even remotely close to being able to pull this exercise off. Do what you can. Start off standing on your right leg with your left knee up. Hold your arms straight out, now use your arms and left leg to balance yourself and touch the ground only bending at the waist, now from the down position use your left leg to power yourself up into a small jump.

  • Power Push-Up

Ok this exercise is HARD, I can only do a few of these correctly at this point in the workout. Start off in a plank position then do a normal push-up, however when you are in the down position, you have to POWER your body up so that your feet land just a few inch back from your feet, then repeat for the allotted time. This exercise is very easy to get lax on and not do them correctly. The key is to work on your explosive power and to NOT go for strictly numbers. You will be able to tell the difference.

  • Globe Twist

Start off standing straight up, then position your legs so they are just beyond shoulder width, now put your left shoulder to your left knee, next jump to the right using your arms for momentum, when you land on your right, bring the right shoulder to your right knee, then repeat. **Keep your butt centered**. The whole basic move of this exercise is jumping left to right.

  • Level 3 Drills

We have done this drill several times in this series. First start off standing straight up, then you drop down into plank position, next you do 16 push-ups, now do 16 mountain climbers. Lastly come back to your starting position, Repeat. This is a Level 2 Drill.

Water Break – 30 Seconds

Round #2

  • Pogo Left
  • Power Push-Ups
  • Globe Twist
  • Level 3 Drills

Water Break – 30 Seconds

Round # 3 – Do what YOU can do.

  • Pogo Right & Left
  • Power Push-Ups
  • Globe Twist
  • Level 3 Drills

Power Lunges / Hop Squats

Yep, another oldie but goodie from previous workouts. First start off with some Power Lunges. Power Lunges are plyometric lunges but you are only doing 2 of them, then immediately go into 2 Hop Squats, the same hop squats from previous workouts. Do this for 8 sets.

Water Break – 30 Seconds

This is the last round so make it count.

  • Side Push-Ups

Again, an exercise from a previous workout. The thing with Side Push-Ups is you better do these correctly or you risk getting yourself hurt, if need be go back and read about the Side Push-Ups and be extra sure you get your form correct, the old adage applies here “measure twice, cut once!” **Keep your core tight** Switch sides.

  • Kickstand Touch the Floor

Here you are down in a runners lunge, then you use your power leg (the leg in the long position) and opposite arm to push yourself up into a hop. Then come down and touch the floor, you will be landing in the runners lunge position. **Be sure to keep your knee over your ankle in your lunge leg (the leg in the bent position)

  • 8 Power Knees / 4 Diamond Jumps

This is just a combination of a few different exercises that you should be familiar with now if you have been keeping up with the Insanity Review Series. The power knees are standard and so are the diamond jumps, you are just combining the two together. Start off with power knees on your right side, do your diamond jumps then do power knees on your left side, then diamond jumps. Repeat

  • Balance Push-Ups

These are hard at this point in the workout. First you start off with a regular push-up, but when you come to the up position, you will balance on your right arm and right leg (meaning you lift your your left arm and leg simultaneously in a straight out position) then drop to the down position and repeat with your left arm and left leg. Keep your elbows close to your side at all times.


Insanity – Max Interval Plyo


Yes this is a very hard workout, yes it hurts, yes it’s worth it, and yes you will see results if you actually do the workout.

This is a 4.5 out of 5 Charles faces.

If you are interested in the program click any of the exercise boxes below, or contact me if you are on the fence about this.


This has been a Insanity – Max Interval Plyo – Review, thanks for looking 🙂

Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd

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    21 replies to "Insanity – Max Interval Plyo – Review"

    • Joe

      Today is gonna be my second time doing this workout. I Skipped yesterday because of a bad headache the kind that makes you throw up. On tuesday I did this and it kicked my butt I could semi keep up, switch jumps and globe twists are mainly what hurt me. I could do all the pushup stuff exept on the last set of the level 3 I could only do 4 pushups and side ones I took it really slow. Next day I spent 20 before I started it warming up my mucsles just so I wouldn’t be stiff. Also this is the first time my butt has been hurting thank god for Ibuprofen or I would be able to do my manly business. This is not for beginners by any means

    • Charles Lloyd

      Good job banging it out Joe!

    • Juan

      I’ve just gotten through the first week of Month 2 of this workout and have done this one twice. So far it’s the hardest one for me. This guy kicks your butt.

      Also, to Joe’s comment, I’m pretty much a beginner at this point (I haven’t worked out regularly in like 6 years) and he’s pretty much right. This is not a beginner level workout. I’m just a stubborn fool that’s determined to get through these 60 days, 3 more weeks to go.

    • jack

      I’ve been doing this exercise since June 2010, struggled during the first 60 days, but now I’m able to keep up, almost exactly like the people on the video. Have seen incredible results!

    • Charles Lloyd

      Kicking ass Jack, that’ is what I’m talkin bout!

    • Mike K

      Which workouts do you think is best for improving explosiveness, quickness, vertical jump, and footwork for basketball.?

    • Charles Lloyd

      Any of the Insanity Asylum videos will work.

    • Sam

      Hey charles, do you know if this max interval plyo dvd will work for vertical jump for basketball?

    • Charles Lloyd

      Yes it will, almost any ploymetric exercise will help your fast twitch muscles, which in turn will help your vertical leap.

    • Sean Walsh

      Yo Charles,

      I always use your site to see what i’ve got coming up on Insanity this evening. I always like to face my demons – Max Plyo tonight! First time on Insanity and just finishing the end of week six and this 2nd month is stupid tough!!!

      Seeing good results though, toned up loads and lost nearly a stone.

      One question when you guys go on your 2nd or 3rd cycle do you complete it properly? Only reason is i am tempted to miss two weeks of the first month so i can get to the second month quicker as this is where the pain is and where results are seen!!

      Love it though and will be digging deeper shortly.

    • venekor

      I did up to week 5 on the insanity thing and while I’ve become fitter and gaining a tiny bit of muscle, I’ve been putting on weight because it has made me eat more. I don’t seem to be losing the fat at all, but I love eating and I’m not following the eating plan which is like half of what I’d eat. I feel happier and healthier though, one thing I’ve noticed more than anything else is my limbs are bulking up, where as my stomach is fattening up lol.

      Started Week 6 and just completed day 2 and I dunno if I can carry on, it’s sudden;y just stepped up so hard to the point I cannot keep up. It took me until week 3 on the first part to be able to keep up, that was only really 20 mins of going for it, this is now double that.

      I’ll do day Three tomoz but I’m gonna be out of it come week 2.

    • venekor

      I also don’t get how they do stretches for so long on a Thursday……… I can last doing it for about 15 seconds before I have to rest and start again, yet they’re doing it for a full 1 min+.

    • Does your site have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d
      like to shoot you an e-mail. I’ve got some ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

    • R


      I’m new to fitness and would therefore like to know why the sudden transition from the warmup to the stretching is not good?

    • Chris

      Hey Charles,
      I’m not sure if you still check your blog but I wanna let you know that I am very thankful for em’!

      I am on my 6th week of insanity, and I take a peek at these blogs just so I know what I’m expecting.

      P.S – For level 3 drills, it’s 16 push ups and 16 sprints on the floor, no? I didn’t know the runs in push-up position were called mountain climbers as well. I could be wrong.

      Anyways, cheers!

    • Charles Lloyd

      Because the purpose of a warmup is just that, to warm you up for your workout. Its not meant for warming you up to stretch. Stretching should be done after you worked out to lengthen and stretch you ligaments and joints that are already been flushed with synovial fluid.

    • Dan


      I love Insanity, I’m in month 2, with 2 workouts left of week 7. I’ve surprised myself with keeping up and keeping to form quite well. But I’ve found the first exercise I REALLY struggle with… Balance Push Up… I’m not sure whether my form is incorrect. Shaun T and the rest of the Insanity Crew seem to be able to keep well centre while doing them. Even though I’ve got core tight, I seem to rock to the side in which my arm and leg are coming up. Very annoying. Does anyone have any advice?

    • Charles Lloyd

      Dan, Workout with free weights, its sounds like your supporting muscles are struggling to keep up.

    • Dan

      Thanks Charles! I agree, I have no problem with the routines that are more towards cardio but really have to dig for a couple of strength based ones. Definitely a big improvement from doing Insanity first time round last year!

    • Charles Lloyd

      Dan, No problem, thing with Insanity is that you just have to keep at it regardless I have got my butt kicked plenty of times with it, almost 4 years now and it still hurts!

    • Elizabeth

      I love getting on here to see what I’ve got coming up for the day. Seeing how much jumping determines if I work out upstairs or downstairs with less creaky flooring since I have to work out during the kids nap time. On my last week of insanity (first round) and I feel like this second month just keeps getting more and more difficult! Anyways, Charles you’re awesome & I love how you rate all the videos – 4.5 out of 5 Charles faces. It makes my day.

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